101 in 1001 #55: Use up 25 oils

Last year when I sat down to make my 101 in 1001 list, I never anticipated I’d lose A WHOLE FREAKING YEAR OF MY 1001 DAYS to shut downs and restrictions and blah blah blah. TWENTY of the items on my list are literally “places to go” and while many others aren’t actual places to go, they require going places (like bowling over 100, holding Lucy & Layla).

But you know what I CAN do from the forced comfort of my own home? I can diffuse essential oils. and make hair masks. and soaps and cleaners and roll them all of my arms and neck and chest and legs and back and feet so that I can get some Mother Nature.


Item #55 on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days was to use up 25 essential oils and by golly, I have far surpassed 25. People often post impressive pictures of their well-organized oil shelves and holders and stuff, but I’m more interested in knowing what people have used up completely and why. So here, my friends, is a brief rundown of the 25+ bottles of plant magic I have used since March of 2020.

On Guard (x3) – We used On Guard to diffuse when we had really bad wildfire air and to make our own hand soap.

Holiday Joy – I actually used this + Citrus Bliss to make a really great smelling diffuser blend for Christmas!

Frankincense – A few drops of Frankincense is added to my skincare routine every time I wash my face. It’s great for skin support and I LOVE the smell.

Citrus Bliss – This bottle went with the Holiday Joy for the Christmas blend!

Tangerine – We make “stinky sprays” with citrus oils, and this one has been added to it a lot.

Lemon (x3) – Lemon is my first love oil. After I use Frankincense in my face wash, I use lemon + witch hazel as a toner. It’s also great added in my all purpose cleaner.

Bergamot – Bergamot and the next oil, lemongrass, go in our stinky spray.

Lemongrass – the backbone of our stinky spray

Lime (x2) – we use lime in a summertime diffuser blend of Lavender, Lime + Peppermint/spearmint. I ended up reusing the empty mint bottles, so they didn’t make this post!

Holiday Peace –  this bottle got used up after I discovered it in our Christmas box. It smells like woodsy Christmas and we diffuse it on ornaments on our tree.

Lavender (x5) – Can you tell we love our lavender?? We put 3-4 drops in Madeleine’s diffuser every single night. 🙂

Serenity – We ran out of lavender one month so I used the Serenity restful blend to hold us over until it was time to place another order and get our lavender back!

Holiday Joy (5 ml) – this little guy was put in our DIY cleaner spray to make cleaning the house smell more festive!

Cinnamon Bark (5 ml) (x3) – I use cinnamon bark for an anthropologie diffuser blend, a cozy day diffuser blend, and adding to our hand soap/cleaner to spice things up 🙂

Wild Orange (5 ml) (x2) – wild orange is SO GOOD dropped in water. Just a drop or two will do the trick.

Cheer (5 ml) – one of my favorite oils to diffuse, cheer is uplifting and sweet. I love to pair it with motivate, which is really energizing. This little bottle doesn’t last long during the dark days of winter.

Clary Calm Roller – I SWEAR BY Clary Calm. It’s a women’s monthly blend (if you catch my drift) but I use it ALL THE TIME because just the smell of it makes me feel calm. I couldn’t use it while I was pregnant so I definitely made up for that after Madeleine was born.


…and there it is! I’ve been saving these empty oil bottles in a jar in the kitchen and it’s so weird to see it empty now. People often post photos of their neatly organized essential oil bottles, but I always find it fascinating to see them empty and hear how they use them!