38.2 down.

The other day, I stood on the scale. I looked at the number and thought, “okay I’ve lost like .5 lbs since the last time I stepped on the scale. Nothing too great.”

So I pulled out my calculator and typed in my highest weight and subtracted the number I saw when I stepped on the scale… and you know what the difference was? Check this:

weight loss // stephanieorefice.net


WHAAATTTT!!!!! Y’all. That is INSANE to me. It’s been a slow, steady, almost unintentional progress. and it’s been divided up into phases. There have been times when I’ve lost 10 pounds and then gained 4 of them back and have just stayed at a 6 pound loss. Then a year or so later I’d go through the whole process again.

But the general trend, obviously, has been down.

and holy crap, almost 40 pounds, mostly by removing dairy and gluten and being aware of what I eat? IMAGINE what would happen if I decided to be intentional about it!

I’m definitely not going to turn into a weight loss/fitness blog, but I got SO EXCITED to share this small success with people that I realized I’d love to continue to write about it and maybe even become more intentional with attempting to lose weight.

You know what this small weight loss accomplishment makes me think of? It makes me think of this whole healing/letting it go process.

I’m not going to wake up and have shed the heavy weight of a hurting heart, but every day I can make small decisions that will slowly but surely bring me to a place where I’ve released a lot of the burden I carry around with me every day. Slow and steady. Tiny decisions.