50 Day Challenge, Day 9: List some of your favorite blogs

First of all, why did I ever decide to do 50 days? I’m not even 1/5th of the way done! Aye aye aye.

Second of all. A group of kids/preteens from our apartment complex were going to come over this morning for pizza and to make a cake, but they didn’t show up until 2. I reheated the pizza I’d made earlier, we watched some of Mrs. Doubtfire, and they consumed almost an entire cake. They left piles of dishes and empty cups, and the silence they left was lovely. Jesus didn’t have an apartment or a house, as he had no place to lay his head, but I like to think that if he did, the door would never be locked and he’d always offer everything he had.

I’m trying to be like Jesus, and for the right reasons. It’s easy for me to want to be like Jesus so that other people can go “wow, she really is like Jesus.” The other day I went out of my way to do something kind for someone and when I returned to my car, I was patting myself on the back. “Good job, Stephanie. That was something a good Christian would do.” and I was immediately silenced by the Spirit. I’m tired of wanting to be a good Christian.. I just want to be like Jesus. I know the two should be the same, but I don’t think they are. Thoughts? Input?

Third of all, this prompt is actually “your favorite tumblrs” but I’m not completely ready to admit that I’ve given in to the world of tumblr. So instead, here is a little list of my favorite blogs. In no particular order.

Grown Up Rachel
The Abundant Life
Learning to Breathe
It’s a Ward Life

Oh, Laura Darling
Annie Blogs
Eugene Cho

Just a few. What are your faves?