around the internet….

Just call me butter because I am on a ROLL with blogging this week, right?

I’m just sitting here in my pajamas, drinking tea. My heart is heavy, but not with bad stuff. My heart is heavy because it is full of dreams and hopes, of love and joy, of the pain of leaving and the joy of returning. It’s full of life, I guess you could say. So I am feeling both the desire to share something here, but also to go lay on the couch and let my soul dance with the Lord. That’s what I think happens when I sit and put no energy into being with God, but just let it happen naturally. It’s a dance.

Here are things around the internet that I think are worth noticing.

•Let me tell you about what Ernie is doing. My good friend Ernie Halter started this Kickstarter where he was going to write 52 songs in 52 days if he could get $8,500 raised by October 22nd to help him be able to write one song a week. That was like.. a week ago? Right now, he has raised OVER $18,000. Are you even KIDDING me? Amazing. I’ve pledged $52.. you should jump on board. Ernie is one of the greatest people I have ever met in my entire life.

•My friend Beckie sent me to a link of this mashup of Hey, Soul Sister and Fireflies called Soul of Fireflies.  And those are two of me and Emily’s all-time favorite songs. So it’s pretty amazing.

•My business is booming in the internet! I honestly didn’t think that changing my slow internet connection would lead me to some new customers because I can now reply immediately! Check out this internet service near me if you want a fast connection. I also invested in disaster recovery and it changed the way I handled my business. You can get started now.

•This is an honest account of when Rachel converted me to coconut oil… though I’m not going to buy any just yet since I am in California and don’t feel like adding more to my luggage. I’m so thankful I know Rachel. She’s going to have a baby named Ruby and today I was at Target and thought “I hope I know Ruby when she grows up.” and I felt very important to be a part of the people who are praying for her and loving her even before she gets out.

•I honestly cried the first time I saw this.. Tyrone Wells {who is AWESOME} has a beautiful daughter named Aria. And there is one thing that gets her to stop crying: listening to her dad’s song “Beautiful Girl, Beautiful World.” My heart just explodes with how lovely this song is. A little baby girl having such a strong response to her dad’s song. There’s a really obvious spiritual reference right here, but I’m not going to dive into that…


because I’m going to finish my tea, get cozy, and dance.

{but you should share some cool things you’ve stumbled upon around the internet}