August Debt Repayment Recap

Well, for as much energy as we threw towards our debt in July, we definitely had a bit of a rebound in August. We made a purchase for a family member on our Disney card, and when we went to pay it off the payment accidentally went to the Southwest card. That, paired with the fact that we added a few subscriptions to the Disney card to pay off (it’s easier to see when a balance goes rom $0 to $35 than when it goes from $4250 to $4285) means that our Disney card, which hasn’t ever been a part of the debt repayment because it never carries a balance, got hit harder than it usually does.

That, paired with the fact that my income was being used to cash flow a few things meant that we didn’t make any traction this month and actually saw an increase in our overall debt. It’s SO FRUSTRATING to feel like we’re not moving along like we want to be, but I’m ready for a new month and a new chance to get all of the below numbers green again.

Here’s what our debt looks like compared to last month and then at the bottom compared to where we were when we decided to go at our debt.

PeaceHealth (Hospital for Madeleine’s birth/NICU) : $542.87 $0
The Vancouver Clinic (midwife etc for Madeleine’s birth) : $850 $0
Disney Card: $826.85 +100%
Southwest Card:
   $4,141.51 3686.33 -10.99%
Stephanie’s Car:   $6,794.53 6548.49 -3.62%

Debt total:  $10,936.04 $11,061.67 (+1.148%)

2020 Debt total payoff: $14,805.79 $11,061.67 {-25.28%}