Best Amazon Purchases of 2020

Recapping my best Amazon purchases of 2020!

This year I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with Amazon. On the one hand I think that billionaires suck and I am actively trying to do better at supporting the smaller guys. But with us venturing out less this year, Amazon packages were arriving at our door frequently. Some of the packages had essential, hard to find locally items like formula. Other packages were things for my business, like packing tape and poly mailers.

I thought I’d share a little list of my best Amazon purchases of 2020 🙂

Amazon Just Bright Coffee

We started using Subscribe & Save with Madeleine’s formula and added this coffee to it to unlock the max savings and it is a HIT. We buy two big bags each month and it basically lasts us the whole month. We tried the Donut Shop one, but Justen prefers this one.

tie dye pajamas

Asvivid tie dye pajamas
These tie dye pajamas were all over the internet earlier this year and I got them with a gift card from my birthday. I love them SO MUCH. The material surprised me – it’s not knit or soft in the traditional sense. They’re worth the hype and quite possibly one of my most favorite purchases of 2020.

4-piece rose gold coffee spoons
These might be so random, but I had this one cocktail stirrer I’d found at Goodwill and I LOVE using it for coffee. I love that it’s dainty and long. But I’d always use it once and put it in the sink so if I wanted a second cup of coffee (and let’s be real I AM A MOM I NEED THAT SECOND OR FIFTH CUP) I’d either have to wash it or use a regular spoon, which is clunkier. With my birthday gift card, I ordered these and I love them SO MUCH. They’re perfect. Love you little gold spoons!

Phone stand

I spend a LOT of time at the sink, hand washing all of our dishes. a LOT of time. When I’m washing dishes, I’m always listening to podcasts which means my phone ended up on the counter dangerously close to piles of water or food debris or.. you know, a plethora of disgusting potentially dangerous things for my phone. With my aforementioned gift card, I excitedly bought this phone stand and I have, no joke, used it every single day since it came. I love how pretty the stand looks.

Beeswax Candle in Clarity

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a candle. I used to love candles until I started learning about how bad they are for you. There’s something very cozy and relaxing about a candle that a diffuser cannot recreate, so I was excited to find these! Prior to starting to burn this I actually found an alternative at Village Wax Melts that I REALLY REALLY love, they even have an article for frequently asked questions like can wax melts evaporate. But this is the Amazon list, the small shop one will come later lol.

Fuzzy slippers
These were all over the internet much like the tie dye pajamas. As I scuffled around the apartment in my closed toed slippers I kept imagining a day when I could wear slippers and my toes would be out. Luckily for me, Justen got me these for my birthday and I LOVE them. They were super comfy for cozy summer wear around the house. My only complaint is that they shed a little bit and there were lots of fuzzies all over lol.

Gold fruit bowl
Here’s a random one for you. When the lock downs hit, we noticed that we had piles of produce sitting around and I had this overwhelming desire to get a fruit bowl. Normally if this happened we’d just spend months looking at Goodwill and I am 100% confident I would find exactly what I was looking for. But because Goodwill was closed, I was forced to look online. I couldn’t find anything I liked until I found this bad boy. I love it.

Oregon Chai Concentrate 6 pack
During the summer I found myself ALWAYS wanting to buy iced chais. It started getting reallllly spendy. Having a subscribe and save every month on Amazon always had me going “what could I add to our subscribe & save?” and I decided to add a 6-pack of this chai concentrate, and that + vanilla almond milk = lots of iced chais in the comfort of my home for a fraction of a cost. I still have 2 left!

Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler
Wow, this is the year of the influenced Amazon purchases I guess! I saw a few people sharing that they loved these little glass tumblers so I finally got one. I try as hard as possible to drink out of glass/stainless steel because blah blah plastics, blah blah. This little tumbler is SO CUTE and I love the bamboo lid.

STORi Audrey Stackable Cosmetic Organizer
These little acrylic drawers were the hero of the post I shared about how we FINALLY got our zillion bottle parts organized. We use them now for tea and some of Madeleine’s little feeding tchotchkes. Honestly, I think I am eventually going to buy eighteen thousand of these, for beauty products and oil accessories… these are so useful and I love them so much.


That’s it! My best Amazon purchases of 2020. Let me know in the comments if you had any extra great Amazon purchases this year!

best amazon purchases of 2020