coffee talk

pretend we each have a cup of coffee. yours can have any kind of creamer you want, mine is probably black. if we’re at my house i’d let you pick any mug you choose.

okay good. now.

i just want to say this.

i’m exhausted. it’s a good exhausted, but it’s still heavy. it’s hard for me to go to sleep at night and even harder to wake up in the morning.

we started up our church programs a few weeks ago and went from having kids and programs one night a week to three. and i love the kids and they’re wonderful and the programs are fun… but my body is still adjusting to the schedule. 

but those kids, you guys. i was trying to teach two little girls how to play hot cross buns. not only had they never heard the song… they thought it was CALL ME MAYBE! so funny.

i was picking a kid up from school and this mom recognized me and asked me about picking her daughter up as well… it feels cool to be recognized by people in our community because it reminds me that the ministry i get to be a part of isnt just limited to the people in our church. 

whole 30 is going awesome. today is day 19, and a few times i’ve actually forgotten what day i was on because i’m not necessarily counting down until freedom. and yesterday i attempted to make vegan/paleo/whole 30 approved pumpkin spice coconut milk creamer because at this point that’s what i’m missing the most. it’s pretty good. 

so that’s where i’m at these days. 

what about you?