Currently // October


October is the 10th month.

We’re 5/6ths of the way done with 2016, how in the world did that happen? Also why do we ALWAYS feel the need to point out how fast time goes by? Maybe because we’re all kind of sitting here like…

The Hills // Lauren Conrad


Any freaking ways. Let me share with you what’s currently going on.

Cheers-ing: Fall. IDK when I turned so basic, but I’ve been really excited about the cozy-ness of the change in the seasons. I’ve started burning my favorite candle, Snuggly Sweater. I’ve started wearing cozy socks nonstop around my house. and most of my coffee comes from a mug these days. I love me some summer but dang I am loving me some cooler weather.

Organizing: My whole freaking entire life. Seriously, I feel like I’ve been on the go, piling things in my car and dropping them in my room for years. I mean… not a year at all, but it feels like it’s been awhile. Next up on my list of things to organize/go through/declutter is my bathroom closet. I am in dire need of some cleaning out of my bathroom closet.

Dreaming: of Disneyland. One of my high school best friends is there with her family right now and I am just itching to go. It’s been forever (or it feels like it!) and I miss the magic. Oh, and on the other side of that coin I’m dreaming of being debt-free.


Buying:  Not much. I’ve been resisting the urge to buy things because I’m dreaming of being debt-free. I feel like my financial situation is currently drowning me and I’m waiting for the dust to settle before I spend any money.

Listening: to this song on repeat. also, I’ve been listening to a lot of theories on who dies in the first episode of The Walking Dead. I’m so ready for this  show to be back on TV!

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