December 2018 Goals

December 2018 Goals //

Happy December! I’ve been working and scheming on some stuff behind the scenes to help my blog step out of the “Goals and empties” trap that it’s fallen into. Those are the easiest things to post, but it means my blog has no real content, lol.

I’m not even going to START on my November goals, because we had the topsy turvy-est month ever. We now live in a new apartment and spent a lot of time dealing with that! So here’s Decembers goals as we continue to get settled.

  1. Bake cookies & watch a Christmas movie
    (being honest… I’ve got almond butter chocolate chip cookies in the oven and The Grinch playing right now because I made this list last week!)
  2. Read a book
  3. Blog 10xs
    I actually started another blog (for essential oils, don’t get too excited haha!) and it’s been so much easier to dream up and draft content for that, so this 10 times includes that (which can be found here in case you’re interested!)
  4. Send 10 Christmas cards
  5. Post apartment tour YouTube
  6. List 200 items
    A HUGE goal, but I’m already over 1/4 of the way there so I’m on track!
  7. Organize closet
    I’ll post more about this later, but our new closet is a big adjustment and I’m in need of a day figuring out how to get it organized to function well.
  8. Paint my nails
    It’s the little things.
  9. Pay off the Disney Card
    Last month I’d wanted to pay off ALL credit cards, but I had LITERALLY the worst sales month almost all year long, so that definitely didn’t happen. Taking it a small little step at a time.
  10. Change dōTerra & IQ name
    My dōTerra checks (they’re like $50/month, so don’t even start thinking I’m trying to build some big oil business, it just pays for 1/2 of my monthly dōTerra budget – we use more than just the oils) can only be deposited at our credit union account because they both still have my maiden name! I’m working on getting them both changed, though.

and I’m working on trying to be more present, more aware of what I’m accomplishing on the daily.