December Birchbox Review

I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber for roughly eighteen zillion months. That’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s accurate in how I feel. Every month the mailman shoves the box into the small mailbox that I cannot get out of the other end. True story, once I just ripped the box open and took out the products and waited for the mail man the next day and asked him to take the empty box out for me.

Anyway, in my actual 5.5 years of being a Birchbox Subscriber, I’ve only posted ONE review of my box. What the heck! On My 101 list, I have a goal to review 5 months of Birchboxes. I’ve learned that with Birchbox, if I don’t make time to sample my samples, I’ll just end up with a jar of little bottles and tubes of product that rarely gets used. No joke. Look at my jar, and this is just face/hair creams, the makeup is piled up with my makeup! I’m hoping to make sure they always fit in this jar.

Back to December. That sounds like it could be a great song, but I digress.

I realized that my Birchbox had been sitting on the couch for like two weeks and I decided to get really intentional about trying that bad boy out. Here’s what was in my December Birchbox:

(Those are some freaking harsh shadows and I am so sorry)

I immediately went for the easiest thing to try out: a face mask. I have this pretty solid theory that most face masks are exactly the same. I cleaned my face, and applied the Sand & Sky mask. I took some pictures. I was scrolling through the Birchbox hashtag on Instagram and saw someone who had a more thick layer of the mask and I wondered if I did it wrong but who even knows. I actually really liked this mask, and this is coming from someone who thinks most face masks are exactly the same. It was pretty lightweight, it came off easily, and I felt like my face actually looked more radiant after using it. This one is a win.

LOL sorry the flash was on.

See, should’ve been more generous with the face mask, but I still loved it!

Since my face was all clean, I applied some moisturizer and topped it off with the Whish Botanical Primer. I was worried that having moisturizer AND another product on top, my face would feel ultra greasy or suffocated or something, but the Whish product was delightfully lightweight and I didn’t even notice it! I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, but I’ll definitely be trying it under makeup to see more of what it does.

I decided to try out the eyelash curler and the Marcelle Ultimate Volume Nano Mascara. I’ve low-key been wanting an eyelash curler for years but have felt too dumb to buy one. GOD BLESS YOU, BIRCHBOX. Eyelash curlers are intimidating af, though. I tried it but I felt like it mostly just creased my eyelashes a little bit. The mascara was ho hum – I didn’t like the wand AT ALL. I’ve gotten better results with the CoverGirl mascara I love and swear by. Anybody have any good eyelash curler tips or tricks?

Earlier this month I got my gallbladder removed. and I was terrified to take a shower because ouch open wounds or something, right? So I literally took one very quick shower in like a 12 day period. But thanks to Birchbox, the day after taking a shower I drew myself a bath, dropped in that delicious Level Naturals Lemon + Coconut bath bomb (delicious as in smell, obviously, haha) and listened to a podcast. For being a teeny tiny bath bomb, it sure had a lot of smell! Call me extra, but I like bath bombs that like release flowers or glitter or unicorns. When they just smell and fizz, I get bored. But it did smell really great.

After my bath, I used the Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother in my hair before blow drying it. This was one of the most lightweight products I’ve ever used in my hair, and it did a pretty good job of keeping my hair smooth after it was dried. Since I don’t always blow dry my hair, I couldn’t really tell how effective the product was.

Overall, if I had to purchase ONE item from my Birchbox and promise to NEVER buy one product, I’d buy the Sand & Sky face mask and I’d never buy the mascara.

If you’re interested in trying Birchbox, please sign up with my link! I get $5 in store credit for every person I refer 🙂