DERMA E Vitamin C Collection

DERMA E has been one of my favorite skincare brands for a LONG time. I’ve been using their products for the past 6 years, so when I had a chance to try the DERMA E Vitamin C Collection, I was so excited! DERMA E is dermatologist recommended, proven and effective. “Proven Clean Beauty,” as their slogan says!

When I was younger, I used a popular 3-step acne treatment. I remember reading the instructions and thinking, “HOW WILL I EVER REMEMBER WHAT TO DO?!?”. 13-year-old Stephanie was ALWAYS overwhelmed. There are a lot of products to share with you today and I did the whole routine a few times, but can be easily done daily with as My Botox LA suggests a few products and others thrown in weekly. 🙂

DERMA E Vitamin C Collection

DERMA E Vitamin C Collection

Vitamin C Cleansing Paste

One of my favorite products are ones that double. This is a cleanser but could also be used as a mask, depending on how long you leave it on. This paste is antioxidant-rich and gently exfoliates impurities. The color was a bit surprising – I imagined it would be a yellow, when its more of an orange (that golden turmeric!). It was gently and left my skin feeling squeaky clean.

Microdermabrasion Scrub

This one isn’t for daily use, but it is awesome. It has a gentle exfoliating scrub with Dead Sea Salt and fine-textured crystals to buff away dullness and makes your face smooth. It’s recommended to use twice a week. When I’ve used it, I use it after cleansing so that I’m not wasting the magic little scrub on removing dirt/grime/life so much as really exfoliating my face.

DERMA E Vitamin C Collection

Vitamin C Concentrated Serum

This serum is the It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or shiny AT ALL. After I applied it, I literally got really close to the mirror to see if there was a shiny residue, and I saw nothing! A little goes a long way and my face felt fresh after applying this. It didn’t take long to be absorbed by my skin, which I also loved.

Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer

The last two products I used at the same time. After the serum was all absorbed, I applied the Renewing Moisturizer. It contains Probiotics and Roobios, which work with the Vitamin C to protect skin. Again, passed the grease test. Sometimes moisturizers leave my face feeling heavy (is that a thing?), like there’s a huge layer of product between my skin and everything else. This is light weight and wasn’t greasy or heavy.

DERMA E Vitamin C Collection

Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches

The finishing touch of the DERMA E Vitamin C routine was the Hydro Gel Patches. They are cooling and have moisture-boosting antioxidants that leave you with soothed, refreshed skin! As a very tired new mom, I appreciated the way the Hydro Gel Patches took care of my tired, puffy-looking eyes and left me looking well-rested and awake. If only I actually was well-rested and awake, haha. But I’ve heard the days are long but the years are short so I’ll take it. Also, when I first opened the Hydro Gel Patches I said “no way,” outlet because look at how fancy these guys are!

* Thank you to DERMA E for sending me these products to try out! *