Dia & Co Box Review

Thanks to Influenster and Dia & Co for giving me the chance to try the Dia & Co Box! I’m excited for the opportunity to share a Dia & Co Box Review!

I have ALWAYS been intrigued by the idea of clothing boxes. You tell people what your style is like and then they send you stuff they think you’ll love. When I was given the chance to try a Dia & Co box, I JUMPED ON IT! Then I realized I should share my experience with a Dia & Co Box Review!

Dia & Co is a personal styling service geared towards plus sized women. You can choose to order a hand selected box or just buy straight from their website. For the box, you pay $20 for the box. If you choose to keep anything, the $20 is applied towards your purchase. Your whole box is 25% off if you keep it all. If not, you have 5 days to choose what to send back. Shipping is free both directions. Influenster waived the $20 styling fee so I was able to try the box for free!

For my style, I shared where I like to shop and patterns to avoid (everything except polka dot and florals). Avoid all colors except blue, gold, gray, pink, purple and white. Daily laid back casual style and all items priced as low as possible. When I got home one day and saw my Dia & Co. box, I was so excited to try it on!

Dia & Co Box Review

Okay let’s start with what I was wearing to start with so you can get some sense of my style. This was my outfit. A pair of thrifted maternity shorts (PRAISE HANDS), a shirt I found at the Goodwill outlet, and a pair of shoes I got from TOMS for free (more praise hands!).

DISCLAIMER: tiny human preparation has exploded on the other half of our bedroom. I didn’t brush my hair or even ask Justen to take better pictures than I could snap with my phone in our small over the door mirror. Hot mess on full display over here. 

Once I opened the box, I saw that they had a little list of everything I’d be trying on in my box.

My first thought was: THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY! The entire outfit I was wearing cost me $6.

Dia & Co Box Review First I tried on this Molly & Isadora Karlie Lattice tee in purple. HYPOTHETICALLY, I like the criss cross thing in the front, but not paired with a scoop neck. I liked the 3/4 sleeves, but the shirt just was NOT my style. Plus when I was looking in the mirror, I realized it already had holes in it when I received it! Yikes.

Dia & Co Box Review

Next I tried on this Meri Skye Elsa Short Sleeve Tee with D-Ring Detail. The dark deal color was… alright. I didn’t love the black pattern on it. The v-neck seemed okay. But as I pulled it out, I said “oh no. There’s hardware. This will not work.” Justen asked me what kind of hardware comes with a shirt and I showed him the the rings on the sleeve. That took this MAYBE shirt to a HARD PASS right away.

Dia & Co Box Review Dia & Co Box Review I was the absolute most excited about this Meri Skye Vita 3/4 Sleeve A-line Tee dress. Pockets! and 3/4 sleeves! and it just looked super comfortable. I’m 8 months pregnant and have been LIVING in t-shirt dresses. This had a little bit of a thicker material than a regular tee, which I was so excited about.

The pockets were right at the hips, which made it look a little wider without your hands in them, which was a bummer. Ultimately I thought about keeping this dress, but it was just too much money for what I would have been getting.

Dia & Co Box Review Dia & Co Box Review Dia & Co Box Review Dia & Co Box Review Dia & Co Box Review Dia & Co Box Review Dia & Co Box Review

Finally, I tried on the Celebrity Pink Merida Shorts with Fray Hem and the Ginger Faux Leather Trim Pendant Necklace at the same time, with my trusty ol’ cheap tee. These shorts fit the best of everything I tried on. I’d ordered them bigger to accommodate the human I’m growing, and was super impressed with the stretch they had going on. I didn’t even really mind the fray hem. But the patches. I COULD NOT GET OVER the patches.

The necklace was an absolute no go, though I really liked the length and the pretty pendant at the end. It seemed really boho compared with the rest of everything I had received.

The return process was super easy – I (disappointedly and) immediately folded everything back up and put it in the included return bag. It started tracking right away and they received it within 2-3 days, notifying me of the final receipt for the box ($0).

Overall, I was fairly disappointed in the styles I was sent. The clothes seemed to be better suited for someone older than me, and the items seemed a bit overpriced. I’m glad I was able to experience it for free thanks to Influenster, because now my curiosity has been satisfied!

If you’re interested in trying Dia & Co, you can use my link and have your personal styling fee waived on your first box! I’d love to hear what your experience is 🙂