Empties v. 3

Time for my third installment of Empties, where I show you the things in my bathroom that I’ve used up and if I’ll replace them. LET THE RECORD STATE that this picture was taken in January, but I still hadn’t posted one from awhile before so I first had to do my second one. Also, one of my 101 in 1001 things to do is to use up 50 smelly things. That means lotions/perfumes/body sprays, so I’m going to use these Empties posts to keep count! I decided that 4 small sample size bottles = 1 full size bottle. That seems fair, right?

IMG_9497 IMG_9498

Alba Hawaiian Facial Scrub
I love tropical things. Like… coconut and pineapple and mango are my things. I was really excited to try this facial scrub. It was a little bit on the watery side for me. When I think of “scrub” I think of something thicker than what this one was.
Replace? No.

B&BW Country Chic lotion x2
One of these lotions was a gift from my friend Sarah when she got married. I bought a second bottle because I loved the smell but didn’t want to use up the gift bottle. Then I realized that was stupid so I used them both up.
Replace? Not for awhile, because I still have SO MANY lotions to go through (.5/50 smelly things used up)

Olay Luscious Orchid Body Wash
Please refer to my last empties post. This came in a gift set with the lotion I wrote about there.
Replace? No. (1.5/50 smelly things)

Yes to Carrots Color Balm
Okay here’s the story about this. Many years ago, it was Black Friday. My mom and I were in the massive checkout line at Target. I didn’t have my chapstick and my lips were killing me. Walking through the beauty aisle, I grabbed what I thought would be a $2-$3 lip balm. Imagine my surprise when it came up as being like $6!! But by then I just needed it so badly. I have lost and found this lip balm so many times and I was SO PROUD of myself for having used it all up.
Replace? No, because I have SO MANY lip balms.


Mary Kay Lash Primer
I got this primer in an Influenster VoxBox a year or so ago, and I LOVED it. It was finally time to throw it out and that made my heart break. I’ve been trying to find a decent lash primer, but I might have to cave and purchase this one. Anybody know a Mary Kay consultant I can buy it from??
Replace? Eventually.

Julep Eyeshadow
I checked. This isn’t available on Julep anymore, though it MIGHT be the Orbital Eyeshadow, but in different packaging. It was my first shimmery nude/gold eyeshadow and now that’s what I’m in love with.
Replace? No, but I’m invested in very similar products. 🙂

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm
Yeah, get used to seeing this. I’ve recently started trying different BB and CC Creams, but this is the one I will ALWAYS go back to. It all started with a little sample in my Birchbox 🙂
Replace? ALWAYS!

Dr. Hauschka Body Wash 
At some point it’s like.. another body wash. The end. I DO love the smell of lemongrass, though. But still…. another body wash.
Replace? No. (1.75/50 smelly things used up)


Viva La Juicy Body Wash
I would buy this, full size, again in a heartbeat. Because yeah, another body wash… but the smell of Viva La Juicy is SO fun, energizing and girly and perfect. It’s my favorite.
Replace? Eventually (2/50 smelly things used up)

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner
A Birchbox sample. The full-size product is in my “favorites” because I’d LOVE to try it out consistently, but the $45 is hard to justify.
Replace? Eventually.

Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon body lotion
Another lotion. The problem with having the Bath & Body Works outlet RIGHT ON THE WAY to camp is that I end up with a variety of scents and they all smell okay, but I never take the time to be very intentional about only purchasing one or two special scents. Hopefully with my purging of smelly things, I can start again with a blank slate.
Replace? No. (3/50 smelly things used up)


IMG_9501 Someday by Justin Bieber Body Wash
Another body wash. But by THE BIEBS! Okay I honestly really love the smell of this, though I really did buy it for the cute packaging and the novelty of smelling like Justin Bieber. 🙂
Replace? No. (3.25/50 smelly things)

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo
I LOVE AMIKA’S PACKAGING! I love the bright, swirly colors. Right now I’m out of dry shampoo, and I’d completely forgotten about this one until I started writing this blog. I’ll have to think about getting this one – sometimes I think for something like dry shampoo, a cheaper drugstore version would work just as well. Save the big dollar items for things I actually put on my face.
Replace? Maybe.

Jergens BB Body Lotion
OH MY GOSH I SWEAR BY THIS STUFF! The smell of this is my new smell of the summer. We’ve had warm days recently so I’ve put this lotion on my legs and I keep thinking IT SMELLS LIKE SUMMER! Even though the full size bottle is kind of expensive ($12!!!), it’s totally worth it. It makes my legs feel hydrated and smooth and I love it.
Replace? Already did; will buy another bottle for this summer, since I doubt mine will make it through spring.

EOS Shave Cream in Pomegranate Raspberry
I first started using this shave cream because HELLO THE PACKAGING. It’s so cute. But then I realized I really loved the product. I love that it doesn’t get really foamy, it feels more like a lotion than anything.
Replace? I did, but now I’m trying to justify spending $20 on this Whish Shave Cream because COCONUT!


I think I got everything in the picture!! I’ve been trying to be more intentional about using up products, so I think for awhile there will be a LOT of them. My hope is to be able to do one Empties post every month – starting the end of April, or maybe sooner because my current pile of empty stuff is TAKING OVER. Just wondering – would anybody be interested in linking up with this?

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