Empties v. 8


It feels freaking good to be back on track a little with my blogging. I have lots of ideas and blog posts and dreams and… hold on let me sip my coffee.

I took some time off of blogging – it was probably just a few weeks but I shook off the constant nagging NEED to post. and now I freaking want to post.

So let’s talk about one of my random uncluttering projects: my smelly, beauty product things. It’s been about a month or so.

Empties volume 8 // stephanieorefice.net

This month, I put a little more focus on using up the trial sized perfumes I have. They’re really easy to collect and overlook and it takes a weird amount of discipline to work through a very small amount of product consistently.

Empties volume 8 // stephanieorefice.net

I kept little notes of these in my phone so that I could remember how I felt about them. I’m ridiculously proud of myself. Little victories, right?

Harvey Prince – Journey (11.75/50 smelly things)
“Smells fresh and clean, like cleaner, kinda.”

Harvey Prince – Yogini (12/50 smelly things)
“Fresh and warm but not overpowering”

Joan Vass – L’eau de Cristal (12.25/50 smelly things)
Not the hugest fan, though I can’t remember why.

Helmut Lang (12.5/50 smelly things)
This was so earthy and warm and woodsy. It’s a perfect cozy weather perfume.

Viva La Juicy – Noir (12.75/50 smelly things)
I’m a big fan of all the Juicy.

Viva La Juicy (13/50 smelly things)
This is one of the most fun perfumes ever. I love how fruity and bright it is, quite the contrast to the plain old regular Juicy Couture perfume (which was one of my first perfumes I fell in love with). I love shopping the after-Christmas sales because they have perfume gift sets usually half off; I am kind of considering looking for a set of this… but then it seems like taking a huge step backwards in decluttering my things.

Empties v 8 // stephanieorefice.net

Revlon Age Defying CC Cream
Every so often, Target has a whole bunch of stuff on massive clearance and I am a freaking sucker for that stuff. Earlier this year, they had a lot of beauty products on sale so I decided to try some stuff out. I’d received a sample of CC cream in a Birchbox, but it was too dark, so I decided to try out different kinds. I got a darker one and a lighter one in anticipation of summer (I tan easily). I really liked this CC cream – a huge difference between this and BB Cream is that CC Cream is definitely thicker and it’s focused more on balancing your color. It feels a lot more like wearing makeup than BB Cream does.

I liked these and had planned on using them until they ran out, but I noticed they started leaking oil… what the heck. I wonder if they were on clearance because they were close to the expiration date or something, I don’t know. But it got messy and I decided that I was okay with just my BB Cream.

purminerals CC Cream
This was the CC Cream I had started with, and like I said it was too dark for me to really get a good idea of how I would like this product but it did pique my interest in CC Cream, so that’s good I guess 😉

MAC studio finish concealer
Good news: I’ve had this product for a lot longer than I’m going to admit. There was a time, almost 10 years ago, that I walked into Nordstrom and asked the lady at the MAC counter to help me with my blemishes. She hooked me up with this concealer, which is the only thing I wore for awhile. I found it while I was cleaning out my bathroom and realized it’s probably way beyond expired, and I might need to re-purchase this.

ELF Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow
YES. I am so excited I found it online; I bought this on a whim because I was trying to replace my favorite creamy gold Julep eyeshadow that I’d used up. I LOVE this eyeshadow, and was so incredibly sad to use it up. I have about 4 other creamy gold eyeshadows that I picked up in an attempt to replace this, so I’ll be using those for awhile… but definitely replacing it.

Model Co Shimmer Bronzing Powder
Okay so I saw a video of a girl using a bronzer and I thought “oh okay, I can do this…” yeah… no. Maybe this bronzer is too dark, maybe I’m just an idiot… but I looked so dumb with this stuff on. Anyone want to teach me?? Also, does anybody who knows how to use bronzer want to try this out? I’ll send it to you, just e-mail me (stephanieorefice @ gmail.com) your address. I’ll send it to the first person who claims it.

Empties V. 8 // stephanieorefice.net

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray
This product lasts forever, heads up. I started LOVING the earthy smell of this spray, and over time as I kept faithfully using it… day after day after day…. I got so over it. It never made my hair greasy, which I was so grateful for. I would spray about 5 pumps into my hand, rub my palms together and smooth it over my hair before putting it in a twisted bun to let it penetrate the hair.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum
Crap, you guys. I forgot how I felt about this. Sorry. :/ Guess I should be keeping more than just notes on my perfumes, right?? haha.

Pura D’Or Argan Oil Shampoo
I received this shampoo back in March for a review. I loved the small of this and the conditioner, but I’m still slowly moving away from buying/using shampoo, but I would definitely recommend this shampoo!

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion (13.25/50 smelly things)
This sample is stupid small, that’s all I have to say about that. So IDK.

Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Scrub
Love this stuff so much! I initially got it as a freebie in one of my Birchbox orders, and I keep replacing it because I love it so much. I’ve tried the one specifically for acne, but I love this one even more. It’s not too harsh, but definitely offers a scrub.

Previse Hydromilk
Loved this moisturizer. I hope I was supposed to use it on my face because I did and I really liked it. This little sample lasted for awhile, so I know the full size product would last me a long time.

Derma E hydrating night cream
As a fan of Derma E, I was so excited to try out a different kind of product from them! I LOVED this night cream. It wasn’t greasy (which I always am looking for, because the thought of laying on my pillows with a greasy face makes me want to puke). It had a really nice scent, too. I woke up with my face feeling soft and refreshed. All the yes on this one!

The Organic House Lavender + Lemon Body Wash (14.25/50 smelly things)
Picked this up at every blogger’s favorite store, TJ Maxx. I’m all about the earthy, natural scents these days and this stuff lasted me a really long time. So yeah, it’s nice. IDK what else to say about body wash.

Whish Body Butter in Blueberry
It’s on my list of goals to buy the Whish shaving cream, so when I got a chance to try another of their products I was stoked. But, alas… lotion is lotion, you know?

Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster
This was a good little sample. It wasn’t – wait for it – greasy or oily, even though it’s oil. So weird how oil is so cool, you know? I spent my whole life learning that oil + my face = no. Oh well.

I’ve made a little widget full of the products in this post all around the internet. Have you used any of them?

SO EXCITED TO THROW THESE ALL AWAY! NEW MONTH! BOOM! I’m plowing through this product problem.  

14.25/50 smelly things