February 2020 Goals

There was a time in life when I was really good at making and crushing my monthly goals. Sometimes I get discouraged because I seem to COMPLETELY FORGET that I have goals – which would explain why it’s February 6th and I’m just now posting these, even though I made this list in the middle of January.

Now that the days are starting to get lighter and I’m getting in a groove with Madeleine, I feel excited about the accountability of goals.

So here are my February goals.

February Goals // stephanieorefice.net

  1. Make cherry chip cupcakes
    Cherry chip cupcakes are my absolute favorite ones and they’re usually only easy to find (and still not that easy!) around Valentine’s Day.
  2. Pay off the Victoria’s Secret card.
    In the past few months, my income has gone down but my spending habits didn’t change. I’m used to being able to put money on a credit card to earn points and pay it off, but that’s not been happening. It’s time to get out of debt once and for all, and that’s the first in my debt snowball.
  3. Try a new coffee shop
  4. Make a new 101 in 1001 list. 
    I cannot believe my last one is almost over. It was a dud. Between getting married, dealing with a nearly-long relapse in my depression and having a complete life change, my 101 fell by the wayside. Now, Justen has been helping me make a new 101 list with lots of things to do as a family.
  5. Make a 5 month video of Madeleine
    The monthly blog updates have been fun but I decided that I also wanted to capture this month with lots of videos to share with our friends and family who don’t get to see her very often.
  6. Catch up on our 2020 memory book. 
    Y’all, I was doing SO GREAT on our 2019 memory book and then we had a baby, lol. I’m not quite all the way caught up on our 2020 one, and it’s so easy to stay on top of once I’m caught up so I just need to fill in all the blank days.
  7. Declutter our bathroom cabinets
    This isn’t the first time this has been on my monthly goals but you know… always time to go at it again.
  8. Read a book
    I recently got an audible subscription and have LOVED it so far! I used to be real elitist and think that reading a book meant turning pages but now I realize how great it is to listen to books.
  9. Post 4 blogs
    Y’all, I am TRYING over here.
  10. Clean out all non-inventory from my Poshmark room
    I’m trying so hard to get my  together, Poshmark-wise. Right now the room I use for Poshmark has turned into a catch-all for a bunch of random crap I once thought I’d sell. I just want to clear out the random junk!