five on friday // Aw yeah, Friday.

Cool things cool things today.



Okay, let me tell you what happened to me yesterday. I was at Target. More specifically, I was in the Starbucks at Target. And there was a girl who came after me, asking if she should get a salted caramel mocha or a pumpkin spice latte because… wait for it.. SHE HAD NEVER HAD ONE. I mean, I don’t love them, but I definitely have had one.

I definitely said “hold on. You’re  a white girl… and you’ve never had a PSL? Are you wearing leggings?”

She wasn’t.

So I told her she should come back in leggings and THEN buy a PSL. She bought the mocha.

But let me be real. Right now I’m literally drinking pumpkin pie coffee with pumpkin spice creamer. I am that girl.

five on friday //




So yesterday at Target. I went to Target specifically to buy ONE CANDLE. Autumn Harvest. I bought it last year and a few months ago found one with a little more to burn and was so excited to buy a new one. They had a whole bunch of fall scents. And then I saw this candle.

It. smells. so. freaking. good.

I mean… I am keeping it by my bed without the lid on so I can smell it when I go to sleep. Seriously SO FREAKING GOOOOOOOOD.

and it’s called SNUGGLY SWEATER! Ahhhh I can’t. Happy fall. <3

five on friday //



I normally swear by my Jergens BB Body Cream in the summer. It smoothes out the tone of your legs and moisturizes them and I love it.


I received a trial size of the Sally Hansen Airbrush legs, and it is AMAZING. It’s like makeup for your legs, without that sounding super weird. It’s definitely not a lotion, as its purpose is really evening out the color of your legs. I’m sad that I found it at the END of the summer, but I’m so glad to have at least found it ever. Next summer it is going to be my go-to staple.

five on friday //

(look at all my cute little samples. working on those.)


FOUR // #MAY30

#may30 //

I was looking through my phone and I saw these two pictures from Lummi (I’ll post about it next week!) and they CRACKED ME UP. Also, why can’t I have red hair? So many people I love have red hair and I think it is the coolest. Once I did accidentally dye my hair kinda red, but it went away.





Do you all know how I LOOOVE GroopDealz?
It is their 5th birthday! And in honor of that, they’re having a giveaway!
AND they have a 15% off code! Use BDAY15 to get 15% off your order.

These are my top 5 picks. I even spent a long time making a little collage so make sure you take a minute to tell me how awesome my newly discovered Polyvore skills are.

groopdealz //

  1. Elbow patch cardigan $17.99 // the patches are GOLD SEQUINS, PEOPLE! GOLD SEQUINS)
  2. Initial necklace $2.49 // the L & S ones pictured here made me think of upcoming Christmas and two little fancy girls who I love matching, if you know what I’m saying
  3. Essential Oils Diffuser Necklace $6.99 // Do I use essential oils? Sometimes. BUT the other necklace got me thinking of Christmas and I know some people who would love this!
  4. Flattering Fall Tunic $21.99 // Can I just have all the colors?
  5. Dainty USA Map Necklace $4.99 // YES. I love this so very much. My heart is scattered all around this freaking country and I just want love this.

Go check out what’s on GroopDealz, don’t forget to use BDAY15 and tell me if you end up buying anything cute. Also tell me if you know how I can get hair like the girl in the tunic pictures because #hairgoals.

Well. I’m going to go to Bath & Body Works and buy some pumpkin hand soap because Target didn’t have any and I’m 0% kidding. If you need to find me after that I’ll be sleeping in a pumpkin patch under a big flannel blanket or something, because I’m turning into THAT girl.