God will never…

My FAVORITE part of this current season is the way I’ve leaned hard on my friends. I’ve basically trust fall-ed with them over and over and over again. And they LOVE me, despite it. One of the most freeing things that anyone has spoken into my life the past few weeks was texted to me by my friend Krystin.

She said this:

[bctt tweet=”God will never show you the gold and give you the silver – @krystinbehannon” via=”no”]



Have you ever played the youth group game “Bigger or better?” The whole idea is that you start with something small – maybe a penny or whatever – and then you go around and ask someone to take your penny and trade it for something bigger or better. Maybe they give you a nickel or maybe they give you a goldfish. Then you take the goldfish and go to someone else and ask them to give you something bigger or better, and maybe you get a lawn chair. And so on and so forth.

God’s like the universal bigger or better champ.

The hands down, undisputed champ.

But it’s not always easy, because sometimes in order to get the “bigger or better” we have to get rid of something.

Like Job. Job had all of this great stuff, all of these blessings, and then it was gone and he was being tested and tried and it seemed really crappy. But in the end, “The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the first.” (Job 42:12)

God took the silver and gave Job the gold.

But he won’t do the opposite. God’s not a tease. He won’t dangle his best in front of me and then pull it away the moment I get close enough and replace it with something that is subpar. That’s just not what God does. Always bigger or better. But it depends on how we look at it.

If I had traded up to a brand new MacBook Pro and then someone traded me the new computer for a folded piece of paper, I’d probably be ultra pissed…. until I opened it and saw a $10,000 check. More than just a piece of paper, but definitely disappointing if I was expecting the next upgrade to be a car, you know?

I guess we need to trust that God is the bigger or better champ, and let go of expectations and go back to TRUSTING.

That’s what I’m trying to trust:
What I’ve seen is either the gold, and it will come back around so long as I am faithful.
or more likely, what I’ve seen is the silver and God is going to massively upgrade me… so long as I am faithful.

God will never show you the gold and give you the silver // stephanieorefice.net


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