God’s love is HUGE.

There’s a skit we do at camp simply called the “God’s Love Skit.” It starts with two people admiring something they hold in their hands: God’s love. A third person walks up and asks for some of God’s love. One person doesn’t share but the other does. When they share God’s love, it gets a little bigger. Two or three more people come and share God’s love, which has grown to the point where they can barely stand up anymore while the person hoarding God’s love is confused by why theirs is so small. It ends with the people offering to share God’s love with everyone in the audience. They throw God’s love out, and without any instruction, all of the kids stretch their arms out and fall backwards, pancaked by God’s love.

As I sit here drinking cold coffee (not iced, mind you. just cold), breaking in my new journal (I can’t find the other one I am almost done with), listening to Jeremy Riddle (his “How He Loves (Live) EP”), reflecting on how good it is to talk to my dad and my Father, and my dad about our Father.. I looked at the big space in the floor of the now-empty cabin and imagined myself laying there, stretched out, pancaked by God’s love, which is huge.

This summer has been rough for me. I’ve been praying for a lot of hard things, frustrating situations, and hurting people. I myself have been protected from any tragedy but have experienced it second-hand. There was a week when nothing made sense to me. I believe in the goodness of God, with on doubt in my mind. But how can I believe him to be good but see so much that contradicts that?

The answer is simply that God exists beyond the realm of provable, understandable fact. Madeleine L’Engle writes about the difference between truth and fact – fact changes, despite it’s implications. Remember when Pluto was a planet? That was a fact. Now it’s not, fact. Truth never changes. God’s goodness and love never changes.

Every day I must remind myself in the morning that God loves me, regardless of what my day might entail. Every night I must remind myself in the evening that God loves me, regardless of what my day consisted of. It matters not what my circumstances are. How fortunate, because how often do people fall out of love with us based on circumstance?

God’s love is indeed HUGE. I am crushed flatter than a pancake by it.