Happy April Fools Day to Stephanie from Stephanie

With all of this self-isolation, I just need to admit that I kind of started ordering a lot of stuff online. Some things that make sense, some using gift cards I’ve held onto for awhile, and some to give me something to do.

I decided to order Cherry Chip cake mix and frosting from Walmart because it was on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, so why not do it now? After placing the order on Walmart I went about my business ordering random things here and there and not really remembering any of what I bought. It’s really been like Christmas to get a package and have no idea what’s in it. Don’t worry, I’ve stepped back from that ledge a bit now.

So today when Justen opened the door and said “wow, all the packages!” and I saw one huge Walmart box, a small Kohls box and a smaller Walmart box on top of it I immediately said “what is in that bottom box?” because I KNEW that I had only ordered cake mix and frosting from Walmart. I know the boundaries of my random things here and there, you know? I also know that I spent like 3 hours on Walmart’s website one day and decided I didn’t like any of it so I knew there was nothing in there for me.

Imagine my surprise when I anxiously tore into the big box and saw a bunch of little red lids staring back at me.

Y’all, in this box were… not one or two, not four or five, not even nine or ten or twenty tubs of Cherry frosting.

Literally 32 tubs of cherry frosting. So then I think, “how did I not notice that I paid for 32 tubs of cherry frosting?” I looked up the confirmation e-mail.

You know why no alarm bells sounded at the price of 32 tubs of cherry chip frosting?

Because it only cost $8 for all of them. Which, let me be clear, is a FANTASTIC deal.

But here I am on April Fool’s Day 2020 (no pranks needed this year amiright) with 32 tubs of cherry frosting and the worst part of it all… only 2 boxes of cherry chip mix 🙁

betty crocker cherry chip cake mix

So. Happy April Fool’s Day, Stephanie. You really need to read the descriptions of items you buy online. Love, Stephanie


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