Happy Planner Spread January 7-13 2019

happy planner spread

Happy first full week of 2019! Time to share my weekly Happy Planner Spread! I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been SO PRODUCTIVE over the last few weeks. Not just productive but also full of grace for myself when I’m NOT productive. It’s weird, I feel like I’m functioning at a normal level. It’s quite a breath of fresh air from the place I’ve been operating out of for the last year or so!

My Happy Planner spread this week is a little all over the place. We’re trying not to go out to eat for a week (one of my January goals!) so I’ve got a little tracker for that in my sidebar. I also have my monthly goals (there’s only 9 because I already painted my nails!). I’ve got a pretty busy beginning to the week and then it kind of eases up a bit.

Can I get an AMEN that it’s FINALLY Bachelor season? It’s like people that look forward to football or something, except with women in dresses and lots of tears. But I will say I’m just as uninterested in this season’s lead as I was last Bachelor season. Can we PLEASE get an interesting, dynamic Bachelor? Please? Ugh. But anyway! At least I’ll be with friends.

And after like a half a year, I’m going to visit my friend Susannah tomorrow, so I’m keeping my to do list relatively small. On Wednesday, my friend Adriana and I are going to see the Rachel Hollis special. I’ve not read any of her books but I’ve heard a lot about her, so I’m excited!

Aside from coffee with my dad and a fun Sunday, there’s just a lot of blank space for working and GSD. I’ve been enjoying taking the time on Sunday night to do my weekly Happy Planner spread, though I enjoy it more when it’s less all over the place.

and… I literally don’t know what happened, but I’m missing like 3 packs of sticker books and if you haven’t caught on I LOVE these Happy Planner stickers and that is just crazy to me that they’re missing!

Here’s to a productive first year of 2019, for you and for me!