“her days.”

The other day I was really cranky. Two middle school girls from my church went with me to the community center to make photocopies and I kept asking them to please stop this and please stop that and why are they this and why are they that.

As we were walking back, I apologized for being so cranky. One of the girls whispered to the other, “maybe Stephanie is having her days.” and I said “what?” and she said “maybe you’re having your days.” I thought about it a minute and said “…you mean my period?” and she giggled and said yes.

“I’m actually not on my period,” I replied. She got embarrassed and I told her it was no big deal.

But then the next day I wanted to eat everything… and I do mean everything. I wanted to eat ALL. OF. THE. THINGS.

and then. the next day. I woke up and my face looked like I’d been attacked by the Acne Army in my sleep. It was so bad I almost called in sick because for some reason breakouts make me feel STUPID.


No, I’m not on my period…. but it’s just around the corner.

my uncomfortable face.

my uncomfortable face.

My period sucks, for sure. But it’s the week leading up to my period that is brutal. The hunger. The breakouts. The cranky/emotions. and the constant fear that in the 30 minutes I’ve been sitting at my desk, I’ve started my period. It’s all just uncomfortable.

Obviously you can’t wear a tampon (ULTRA UNCOMFORTABLE, AND TOTALLY  NOT RECOMMENDED EVEN BY THE LITTLE INFORMATIONAL INSERT!!!), and I’m not about to wear pads for the week leading up to B Day (that’s blood day, not birthday or Beyonce album release Day. It’s straight up blood day).


That’s why I’m grateful that U by Kotex has these Lightdays® Liners. They come in packs of gazillions (okay that’s an exaggeration, but 129 of them!) so I can wear one every day once the hunger and the breakouts hit, without having to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes to make sure I haven’t started… making life way more comfortable.

And the really great news. Remember how they have a pack of 129? I found them for $5.69 (at Target!) AND Kotex is giving you a $1.00 off coupon. That means that each worry-free day costs you $.04 .. less than a nickel. Worth. It.

What are your warning signs that your period is on the horizon? Do you get ultra sleepy or crave the same things? Do you cry a lot or hate everything, including small kittens and sparkles? Let me know, and don’t forget to pick up your Kotex coupon.