January Goals 2019 – Starting this year off right!

One of my 2019 goals is to do #44 on my 101 in 1001 list, which is to make 10 goals a month and accomplish 90 by the end of the month. I actually love making monthly goals, but I tend to make my goals things I don’t want to do. I’m trying to shake that habit by making my January goals fun and things I like/want to do!

Here are my 2019 goals, if you missed it.

and here are my January Goals!

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January Goals

  1. Buy flowers
    Buying flowers for myself every month is actually on my 101 list and I’ve started and stopped this habit so often that I need to just make it a thing. Flowers make me SO HAPPY.
  2. Journal 10 xs
    In October I set a journaling goal and found myself reaching for my journal SO often – and I definitely felt a lot of emotional breakthrough starting to happen because I was journaling. Time to keep that going.
  3. Tone it Up Daily Moves 6 xs
    I didn’t set any specific health goals for the year, but I definitely want to move my body more. We live in a small studio so I don’t have to walk far from the bed to the bathroom to the closet to the kitchen, so I want to be way more intentional about being active.
  4. Track my time one day
    In a conversation with Justen recently, I said I should track my time to really see what I spend my days doing. Sometimes the day will zoom by and I’ll have no idea what I’ve done, so I thought I’d be diligent about seeing what I do every day!
  5. Paint my nails
    Whether this is painting them by myself or actually getting a manicure, I want to get some color on my nails!
  6. Read a book
    One of my goals is to read more books! Whenever I’m in the habit of reading, I think “why the heck don’t I do this more often?” so here we are.
  7. Try a new coffeeshop
    Talk about a goal I like and want to do!
  8. No eating out for 1 week
    In general, we feel better when we eat at home. Physically, financially (ha!) and mentally. We’ve fallen into the habit of going out to eat a few times a week – and usually it’s something like Burgerville or Chick-fil-a – so we’re going to push back on that a little bit.
  9. Keep up with my Memory Planner
    I looooove my Happy Planner, and last April we got a Memory Planner to try and document what we do, but it just kind of fell by the wayside. We bought a new one and decided to start the year off documenting what we do!
  10. Find my FitBit
    Justen got an Apple Watch for his birthday and he’s been obsessed with tracking his activity and water and such, and last night after he asked me if I wanted to do yoga (I almost laughed because I never would have imagined he’d ask that) he suggested I get my FitBit out, and I realized I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT IS. I have the band, the charger… but no FitBit. We recently had to quickly pack up and move, so it got lost somewhere in the shuffle. I gotta find that bad boy, though. I feel a little left out not looking at my wrist to see if I’ve walked enough 😉

Drop me a comment and let me know any of your January goals!

Also, I started a YouTube channel at the end of the year last year! I kept forgetting to upload videos, so I decided that for now I’ll just be uploading random lifestyle videos. Starting this year with one about my 2019 and January Goals. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out the (probably too long sorry!) video here: