January Goals

january goals // stephanieorefice.net

December flew by so quickly, I think because I was so busy. It’s only a few days into January but I’ve been enjoying my free time – I’ve been quick to make plans to hang out with people and I have been grateful to have so much wiggle room with when to make that all happen.

Here are the goals I set for myself in December and how I did on them:

  • Send 20 Christmas cards
    {did it, blogged about it}
  • Finish Krystin’s birthday/Christmas gift and send it with her Christmas card
    {I actually sent Krystin’s card before I even remembered this! But I did work on it, so maybe I’ll be able to deliver it to her soon}
  • Get on top of all the things I need to do with my blog… like scheduling posts and commenting on other blogs more consistently and… stuff.
  • Go to Zoo Lights at least once.
    Did it. Loved it. Even rode the train 🙂
  • Link my 101 to my blog.
    It’s up there!! 
  • Plan a trip to Nashville
    T minus 16 days. :) 

4/6 isn’t too bad at all. More than half 🙂

For January:

  • Stay caught up with my Bible in a year plan.
  • Finish coloring a coloring book for Travis & give it to him
  • Sell some stuff on Vinted or eBay.
  • Paint my toenails. It’s the little things.
  • Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it.

I’m learning to be realistic about my goals. Goals shouldn’t necessarily be the things you wish you did if you were a new person. Sometimes they are small steps to get you to be more like who you want to be, but I think that unrealistic goals set ourselves up for failure. Unrealistic goals are called Dreams. Goals are the steps to get to those. If that makes sense. Don’t mind my Monday morning ramblings. I’m gonna go buy coffee now.

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