July Debt Repayment Recap

Month 2 of tracking our way out of debt. Let me be completely honest, the reason we made significant progress this month was because we’ve been sitting on our stimulus check until we got our taxes done, which we finally were able to do at the beginning of the month. After we filed our taxes, we took the stimulus check and paid off the midwife and hospital bill for Madeleine’s birth, and put a huge chunk on the credit card.

and then, honestly, aside from paying off little bits here and there, we didn’t make a whole lot of traction. My income was down for the month. Honestly, when I look at my income for the YEAR, it’s taken a huge huge hit. Not being able to work from home has always been a struggle but especially with a baby AND a pandemic… I’m THOUSANDS of dollars behind where I was last year. Being self-employed is really… fun. 🙂

On to the numbers, though! Like I said, we paid off Madeleine’s medical bills! We had set up a payment plan of $300/month for The Vancouver Clinic and $150/month for PeaceHealth, so having both of those paid off frees up a significant amount of money for us to use in the future!

PeaceHealth (Hospital for Madeleine’s birth/NICU) : $542.87 $0.00
The Vancouver Clinic (midwife etc for Madeleine’s birth) : $850 $0 {-100%}
Southwest Card:  5621.62  $4,141.51 {-26.32%}
Stephanie’s Car:  7,045.88 $6,794.53 {-3.56%}

Debt total:  $13,517.49 $10,936.04 {-19.09%}

2020 Debt total payoff: $14,805.79 $10,936.04 {-26.13%}