July Goals

It is so freaking hard to believe that we’re officially halfway through 2020. What a year this has shaped up to be. For us personally, we got in a car accident and faced the Nashville Tornado a few blocks away and then flew back to the epicenter of the beginning of COVID19. I looked at my little Happy Planners and shook my head at the complete waste they turned out to be this year.

I’ve started trying to redeem them with to do lists and trying to mark down anything memorable, but then I thought… I SHOULD START MAKING GOALS FOR MYSELF! I’d made June Goals, but I swear to you June went by faster than the rest of the year combined.

These are my July Goals. I’m really determined to actually do these because they are fun.

01 // Publish a YouTube video
02 // Make salsa
03 // Watch Harry Potter 2
04 // Organize under the bed
05 // Order pictures of Madeleine
06 // Do a pantry clear out
07 // Clear off the couch before bed every night
08 // Hit 10k steps 5 times
09 // Try a new coffeeshop
10 // Post 3 new blog posts