July Goals

What the actual heck, July.

Time to set some goals for this month.
This past month has zoomed by, maybe because I’m in Nashville, but I cannot believe June is already over. Don’t I say that every freaking month? I think I do. Anyway.

When I wrote my June goals I was sitting at a Starbucks with no real idea of what the rhythm of my time in Nashville would look like. I think I did alright, given that. Also thanks to all of you who didn’t mention that #3 and #10 are the same one (and to the one of you who did lol)

  1. Post 7 blog posts (5/7 – so close! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  2. Visit 2 coffee shops
    I visited Ugly Mugs, but aside from that I haven’t stepped foot into a non-Starbucks coffee shop, which is unfortunate because I’m in freaking NASHVILLE. Ugh.
  3. Visit a new state We went to Florida!
  4. Read a book of the Bible I was so busy reading Harry Potter 🙁
  5. Finish Harry Potter + the Order of Phoenix I actually finished that AND The Half-Blood Prince!
  6. Start the 5000 Survey (more on that on Friday!) Started it here
  7. Paint my nails
  8. Send 5 letters I only sent 2! Yikes! Can everyone re-send me their addresses so I can send them notes? Thanks.
  9. Hit $1950 in total Poshmark sales I actually ended the month at $2,229! What!
  10. Visit a new state

So I completed 60% of my list. We’re doing okay. We’ve got this. Let’s just move on over to July, shall we?!


  1. Finish the Harry Potter series
    Y’all, I’m like 300 pages away. The great news is that I’ll get to re-read it again for my  new 101 list!
  2. Post 5 blog posts
    Wish me luck, haha.
  3. Read a book of the Bible
    Once I finish HP, I’ll have no excuses.
  4. Send 5 letters
    Send me your address!
  5. Visit a church in Tennessee
  6. Visit 2 coffee shops
    Justen will be visiting at the end of the month, so that will help.
  7. Hit $3,000 in Poshmark sales
    I’ve had to make some adjustments in my closet to accommodate being in Nashville, so this is a stretch.
  8. Get a manicure
  9. Buy 3 things for the wedding
    We have a list of things we need to buy, and I just need to start slowly buying them.
  10. Make macarons

aaaaaand she’s off.