leftover Nashville.

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I plugged my memory card into my computer to clean off the past few weeks of pictures (I was doing well at every or every other day) and the first few pictures took  my breath away.

I thought I’d taken off all of the pictures from Nashville, but apparently the last time I cleared my memory card was the Friday I was in Nashville. The first pictures were of sweet Lucy the morning I left.

Yesterday I FINALLY caught up with my friend Andrew, who moved to Germany in the fall of 2012 and I haven’t seen since he came back,  and he said that sometimes his year in Germany kind of felt like it had never happened. I was like YES!!! Because that’s how I feel about most things. Like I’ll think, “did I ever really live in Seattle for two years?” or “did I really spend a year driving up and down the west coast, sleeping on couches?” and it just feels so much like a DREAM that I have a hard time accepting that it was real and a part of my life.

That’s how I was already starting to feel about my few days with the Halters, and these pictures took my heart on a rollercoaster – so much love and longing.

I am so lucky to know this family, and even though they’re on the other side of the country, I plan on forcing myself into their lives as much and as often as I possibly can.