Look at the stars, see how they shine for You.

Tonight one of my long-time dreams was accomplished. Around 11 pm I, along with Beccah, Anna Laura & Beth (and our blankets!!) walked out to the bird watching deck and laid under the stars, talking about God.

Last year, Bradley and I discussed how it is near impossible to stand under the stars and not have deep conversations. Something about the magnitude of them and the smallness of us.

We sat and pondered the whole Story; are we the only of God’s creations? are we the first, the last? ;;
how that one satellite probably cost enough to end world hunger ;;
the details that are just right for life to be sustained on this planet ;;
God’s plans for us in the future, in marriage ;;

Anna Laura saw her first falling star. It was big and flashed right above her head. Her excitement was infectious.

We watched the satellites slowly fly across the sky  and waited in anticipation to see if they would “crash” into stars.

as we walked back, waddling about coldly under our blankets, I knew the Story to be real.

It is real, and the Author wrote it for me.

On the drive back from the mall today I shared how I sometimes worry that Jesus will tire of me; that he will find me obnoxious. It fills me with comfort and assurance to remember that he already finds me endearing and precious and loves to be near me.

You love me,
Oh how You love me,
Oh how You love me,
Oh how You love.

(that is not a star, it’s just a random picture. I think posts are always better with pictures!)