March 2019 Goals

Last month I didn’t post my monthly goals… I also didn’t do well with them because I spent nearly half of the month out of town. In an attempt to be kinder to myself, I gave myself an extension on my February goals and they’re rolling over into March, since I’ll be home! I already accomplished 3 of my February goals, but with a little extra time and attention I’ll be able to knock them out this month.

Also my blog has become a combo of just goal posts and sponsored posts and I’m trying to get creative about getting out of that funk. Any suggestions would be welcomed 😉

march goals //


  1. Journal 5xs
  2. Try a new coffee shop
  3. Send Lucy’s quarter
    (Lucy let me borrow a quarter to cover my breakfast burrito, so it’s only fair to pay her back. She’s 7.)
  4. Buy stamps
    (to send the quarter!)
  5. 1 week of my cleaning schedule
  6. Coffee with Beckie
  7. Weekly pay days
  8. Blog 5xs
  9. Add 50 entries to my gratitude list
  10. Make my own tea


  1. Journal 9xs
  2. Read a book
  3. Organize my closet
  4. Organize my bathroom
  5. Take pictures of 10 things that make me happy
  6. Take 5 pictures of me & Justen
  7. Add 9 days to our memory planner