March Goals

Hello, March.
In an unintentional celebration of the beginning of March, I’m in San Francisco with one of my closest friends and her Northern Irish clan.

Another month, another set of goals. I’m going to be honest: I sucked at February’s goals. I started a little list in my planner about why my February goals sucked so much. Here are the two big things I came up with:

  1. They were percentage based.
    At first I thought this was cool. I could just do something 1/2 of the month in whatever order I wanted and still meet my goal. That was great until it was February 17th and I realized I would no longer be able to meet that goal. All or nothing, baby. All or nothing.
  2. They weren’t time-budgeted.
    Listen, I spent a LOT of time at the movies. Like a LOT. I spent most of the weekends at the movies. Which was great, but it took away my time to go on a hike. I didn’t plan what Pinterest project I would complete. I started things that needed my time more than making + sending Valentines. I just didn’t budget my time well, and a lot of my goals this month were time-heavy.

That said, here’s how I did on February’s Goals:

February Goals

01. Read Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban + 2 other books FAILLL. I didn’t even finish Harry Potter! 
02. Watch all of the Oscar best picture nominees before the Oscars.
03. Send 30 Valentine’s FAILLLL. I only made 4 and have sent 0. Ugh. 
04. Exercise 30 minutes a day, 3xs a week FAIL. 
05. Complete a project from Pinterest I did this while I was waiting for the Oscars. I posted a teaser pic on Instagram, and once I’m back home I’ll post a pic of the finished product, but this pin was the inspiration.
SO //
06. Go on a hike FAIL. I just was so busy watching movies. 
07. Clean my room before bed every night for 2 weeks. FAIL. I never got my room clean enough to clean every night, ugh.
08. Document an ordinary day in pictures. FAIL. I just suck at this because I forget to start it and remember I was planning on doing it at like 1:30 pm. 
09. Drink enough water 50% of the month. FAIL. I realized that the number of ounces I was trying to drink was insane and discouraging. I did, however, start drinking a lot more water. 
10. Drop my credit card debt by 60% (the magic number would be $279.66) How about 100%?! Boom.

3/10. 30%. Yikes.

It’s also really discouraging to be like “oh hey I should cross something off my list of goals,” and look down and see that I can’t really just DO one of them, so this month my goals are a little more do-ing. Here’s what I plan on doing in March:

march goals //

  1. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge (hello I’m in San Fran, I can’t NOT do that)
  2. Save $1,000 (read why here) I’ve added a little tracker to my sidebar!
  3. Read 2 Harry Potter books (so finish up through the 5th book)
  4. Try 3 Tone It Up recipes
  5. Visit a new coffeeshop
  6. Add 75 things to my Gratitude Journal
  7. Get a manicure 
  8. Donate 100 items. I’d decided on this BEFORE my good friend Susannah posted this Uncluttering challenge!
  9. Touch an elephant
  10. Leave a $20 tip for a bill under $10 (I keep thinking about doing this but I need to just DO it)

I’m ready for this. February felt really productive financially but I felt really stressed and spread thin and like that made it really difficult to accomplish any of the things I really wanted to. But I’m ready for this now. Strong arm emoji here. 😀

What are some things you want to accomplish this month?! Drop me a line below!