Me right now.

Right now I’m in Pasadena, California outside of the Starbucks on California & Lake. Yesterday I spent no less than 3 hours Starbucks hopping in the hopes of finding an empty seat. No room at the Inn. I felt very in touch with my inner Mary MOJ {MOJ=….Mother of Jesus….} This morning things seemed more hopeful. Seems being the essential word, because there was no room in the Starbucks on California & Lake Inn. and so I came and sat outside. Without buying anything to drink. I’m wearing shorts and it’s chilly. but it’s bright, which is why I am squinting in that picture I just awkwardly took with people walking all around.

I’m waiting for Hannah and Rachel to get to Pasadena because we are going to some museum or something. I don’t know… I just say yes and trust that nobody’s getting me into trouble.

The sun came out! …the sun went away. It came back.

Hannah and Rachel are waiting for me.

Me right now = content.hopeful.betterthanyesterday.