Monday Minutes.

Crap you guys, I’m doing this. I am posting you some inspirational crap on Monday Morning. Who am I? Look, Monday’s are SO HARD. Especially Mondays that are REALLY MONDAY. Like the ULTRA MONDAY Mondays.

Here’s a little motivation for all y’all.

Mondays are FRESH. They’re often struggly, but they are FRESH. You have 1. a whole new day AND 2. a whole new week. Every day is a new day, but you’ve had some time to recharge and now you’ve got the ability to take on this whole unlived week with big, wide, empty arms. Things happened last week. Things happened this weekend. Things happened last night. But you’ve got a whole new set of weekdays to live through, and that stuff is a whole evening or weekend behind you.

NOT ONLY that, but every hour is a reset. The clock comes right back to 0 and you can choose at any point of your day to restart your day. If you’re in desperate need of some change, then sit and wait for the next MINUTE to start. There you have it. A new, fresh, untouched minute. Things might be bad, they might be hard, they might be struggly but once you survive the minute past that thing… you’ll survive another minute… and another… and then it’s been a half hour… then an hour.. then a work day, then a day… then two days.. then a week. and a month. and you. will. run. into. better. things.

If you look down the lane of the race you’re running and you are fearful, insecure, timid, worried, unprepared… then DO SOMETHING. Every precious moment is an opportunity to pick something up or set something down. Stay still until the next new minute and think about what you’re picking up or letting go, and then MAKE. THE. CHANGE. Make that change EVERY MINUTE for a DAY, for a WEEK, for a MONTH…. until the choice requires less of your energy and becomes NORMAL. That’s change. Change smarts on the smallest level, at the millisecond we get sick and tired of _______. Start or stop, but make that decision.

and even if you live today 45 seconds at a time, holding your breath for the next minute and the next hour and the end of the day… you’ll survive. You’ll sleep today off and tomorrow you can choose to hold your breath for 40 seconds at a time and one day you won’t notice the minutes passing by.

Embrace the seconds and minutes beyond what you’ve just passed through. Change the parts that you don’t like. and give yourself a lot of grace if you’ve had a really struggly Monday.

Guess what. You can re-read this post tomorrow, because it’ll be relevant tomorrow, too. I’ll be here if you need me <3