November 2021 Goals

-sharing my November 2021 Goals-

Happy November! Or, as I like to call it.. No Way November! November – March have always been special months for me because of the John Mayer song St. Patrick’s Day.

New month, new goals. I didn’t quite hit my goals this month. Who would have known that buying flowers and taking a family photo would be SO DIFFICULT? We shall try again this month! I finished half of my goals this month, and I’m adding some back to this list (they’re for my 101 in 1001 list) and I’m letting the blog post one roll over and add on to this month.

Last month’s goals, originally found here.


01 // Watch Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (BONUS POINTS if there’s butterbeer!)
02 // Put $40/week in savings (Oct 8 / Oct 15 / Oct 22 / Oct 29) {$160/160}
03 // Publish 5 blog posts {4/5 – 40%} { 1. Oct. Goals / 2. Cute Disney Decor 3. Georgia – Month 1 / 4. BiZi Farm }
04 // Post 10 pictures on Instagram {10/10}
05 // Buy fresh flowers
06 // Take a family photo
07 // Donate 101 items
08 // Carve a pumpkin
09 // Make chili {10/28/2021}
10 // Re-do my blog’s navigation menu

Even though I didn’t get everything crossed off, I felt a lot more productive with having the list, so I’ll keep going and challenge myself to try and get more crossed off this month.

November 2021 Goals


01 // Watch Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix
02 // Put $40 a week in savings (Nov 5 / Nov 12 / Nov 19 / Nov 26)
03 // Publish 6 blog posts
04 // Post 10 pictures on Instagram
05 // Buy flowers
06 // Take a family photo
07 // Declutter bathroom cabinet
08 // Donate 58 items
09 // Finish my list of 1001 things I’m grateful for {726/1001}
10 // Hit 10,000 steps a day 2 times

They look a lot like last month’s goals because, like I said, I’m trying to cross some things off of my 101 in 1001 list (taking a family photo + buying flowers once a month for a year) and I realized that I have to GET GOING on those, because I’m almost at the 1 year to go mark.

Donating 101 things is on my list, and while I’ve DEFINITELY donated 101 things, I figured it would make sense to actually count them all. The issue I’m running into is that I am so donate happy as it is, I’m not stumbling upon things to donate! I tend to only invest in stuff that I feel confident I could resell, so I tend to put them in a “to sell” pile instead of donate. I know I’ll get there, especially if I take a really hard look at what we have and what sparks joy, haha.