November dōTerra LRP order

Two years ago if you had asked me “do you think you’ll ever spend money every month on essential oils?” I probably would have laughed at you and said heck no.

and yet here we are.

I thought it would be interesting if I started showing what I’ve been ordering and what I’ve been using up. People often post pictures of their massive essential oil display, but let’s be real… sometimes you have to wonder what they even do with a bazillion bottles of plant juice, haha!

November 2018 dōTerra LRP order //

This is what our November dōTerra LRP order looked like. Let me tell you this: I ALWAYS place my monthly order on November 1st, and that’s when they launched their holiday products and I literally spent 6 hours trying to place my order. It was… fun. So I definitely watched the tracking information and darn near cried when it finally arrived!

dōTerra LRP order November 2018 //

This is what the insides looked like. I’d also like to note this: right before I tore open these boxes, I put a piece of bread in our toaster oven to have toast. While I was taking these photos, I started noticing a weird burnt toast smell. There were people working on our roof so I attributed it to that. A few moments later it hit me like a ton of bricks: I was probably smelling actual burnt toast. And I was. So I ate the crispiest, toastiest, burnediest piece of toast while doing this.

This month, in addition to my normal monthly order, I also took advantage of some of the holiday items in our November dōTerra LRP order – and I’m glad I got them when I did, because most of them have sold out already! Dang.

First and foremost, I got these two dōTerra throat drops. We’ve had them for awhile but in the past month I’ve really started to appreciate them. The breathe ones are great for sniffles and coughs (which Justen and I have been passing back and forth for the past week or so) and I LOVE popping in an OnGuard drop before I go to the Goodwill outlet to source items for my Poshmark closet. It may just be in my head, but it helps me feel safer from any germs and nasties that are lurking around the big tables full of discarded stuff. I was so excited to get more, because we ran out towards the end of October.

These, along with the drops, are things we use on the daily so it’s more of our normal monthly stock-up. The hdclear is a face wash Justen uses every day in the shower. Honestly, I’m sometimes amazed by the way Justen has really embraced essential oils and EO products. One day a few weeks ago, Justen wasn’t feeling good and when I got up he began telling me all the ways he’d been using oils to help fight off whatever was wrong. I was laying in bed, half awake, really proud.

The fractionated coconut oil is a carrier oil to help when we’re topically applying oils. We also use it when we make our own rollerballs.

And then you can see our really boring, but super important little stash of oils. Peppermint roller because it’s so great to help soothe headaches and a bottle of peppermint because hello holidays. TWO lemons because we go through lemon like crazy. It’s the one oil that really made everything click for me. I use it to get sticky stuff off of anything I get at the thrift store, we use it daily on our face with witch hazel, and we sometimes put a drop in our tea or water.

We’re out of purify because Justen uses it every day in his shoes (though we’ve now found something else we like better). But it’s great for cleaning the air of stinky smells .

Did we need a new diffuser? No. But did I really really want the Harvest Spice blend? Yes. Did dōTerra then release the Harvest Spice blend on its own? Yes. HOWEVER. We put this new diffuser in our kitchen, and it’s been great. It’s a very Justen diffuser, and he loves the Harvest Spice blend. I’m glad we got it, because the diffuser + blend combo sold out. We love the Harvest Spice blend so much that we’ve already ordered it on its own in case it sells out before next month.

FINALLY! EVERY TIME I have gone to order these dōTerra misters, they’ve been sold out and they were finally in stock! Praise hands emojis flying all over the place. I’ve already made a linen mist for night time (Serenity + Vetiver + Cedarwood and it is DIVINE) and a bathroom spray (Lemongrass, Bergamot, Grapefruit I believe). If our apartment was any bigger, I’d seriously make a spray for every corner of this place.

Ugandan Aroma Bracelet + Beautiful Roller. This was a holiday item that’s also sold out. I love this bracelet and I love the Beautiful blend. It’s a limited edition oil that everyone loves, but I’m honestly more excited about this adorable bracelet and the opportunity to support women around the world.

aaaand another holiday item! Earlier this year, I bought a cute little dōTerra clutch for carrying around my rollers and I LOVE it. I thought this clutch was really classy and good for grabbing just a few of them. It came with the limited edition Radiant and Dream rollers, and I’m in love with the Radiant blend.

and my last items. This OnGuard chocolate bark. Last year they had truffles that were so good, so I figured we’d try these and have enough to share with our friends. It’s really rich, and the cranberries on top give it an interesting texture.

So that’s our monthly order! A lot of these items were limited edition holiday purchases, so you’ll probably never see them again. I’m looking forward to sharing what we order and actually use up to give you an idea of what life with essential oils actually looks like.