Oregon Heritage Farms + Apple Cider Donuts

It’s August 29, 2021 and I would like to officially declare: I AM READY FOR FALL 🥵🎃🍁🍂🌞🌻.

The summers keep getting hotter, and this summer I just kept getting pregnant..er? as the summer went on. I do love the longer days and iced coffee drinks but I’m also ready to lounge around in leggings and cozy socks and hot cups of coffee… that I probably won’t get around to finishing because toddlers + a newborn coming soon.

We decided to take a little family morning trip to Oregon Heritage Farms to pretend it’s fall, drink some apple cider and cross off something on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days: trying apple cider donuts.

Madeleine was able to grab a few apples to snack on at home (she’s been on a big apple kick lately), and picked out a little pumpkin sippy cup to order her cider in. Her new thing is liking spooky things and pumpkins are, according to her, very spooky. She’s looking forward to going to a spooky pumpkin patch once the pumpkins are ready for her, haha.

After ordering our ciders and donuts we found a little shaded spot to enjoy our morning treats. and man. Apple cider donuts are so good. The cider was perfect and Madeleine loved seeing some dogs walking around.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear this beautiful Pink Blush Maternity dress that they sent to me, and this was the day. Honestly, I could live in this dress. I love the cheery floral pattern and the long, flowy length. It would be a perfect maternity photo dress for late summer/early fall. The fit was generous (I could have sized down) but I really love it. I’ll be wearing it on days I pull myself together after the baby is born.

If you’re looking for plus-size maternity dresses (or any maternity clothes, really!) Pink Blush Maternity is a great option – and they usually have a sale going on.

37 weeks, 3 days pregnant.

Thank you to Pink Blush for sending me this BEAUTIFUL dress to share. All opinions are my own. 🙂

The next time we take a drive to Oregon Heritage Farms for some donuts and cider (it’s going to happen again this year), we’ll be a party of FOUR. That is mind blowing. Hoping we soak up every single day with our sweet girl until there’s another one.