Overnight stay at Fort Stevens

Over the weekend we were able to join Justen’s parents for an evening at the Fort Stevens Campground in Hammond, Oregon. Thanks to COVID, it feels like we lost a year of doing fun things with Madeleine so it’s exciting to be able to start taking her places.

Fort Stevens is as the Northwest tip of Oregon, about 2 hours away from us.

We chose to drive through Scappoose on our way so we could try a new coffee shop and visit a new Goodwill, crossing things off of my 101 in 1001 list. We stopped at a Goodwill where I found 3 brand new IKEA Flisat shelves for $5 each (they’re normally $15 each and I’ve been eyeing for them the girls’ room (how weird that soon there will be 2!). I also grabbed these Cat & Jack jean shorts that are huge on her and may actually be boys (but whatever) and this cute Pillowfort ballerina doll. The doll was on our small little registry for awhile before I took it off for more necessary things, so finding it for $5 instead of $15 made it hard to pass up.

We stopped at Cathedral Coffee, where I took a snack break with Madeleine in the car while Justen grabbed us iced mochas. Shortly after we hit the road again, Madeleine got… frustrated? annoyed? bored? and shoved her hands so far in her mouth that she puked all over. It was super neat and the first time we’ve really had to deal with anything like that. We quickly pulled over and changed her and tried to clean the car seat as best as possible. Justen spent the rest of the ride in the backseat with her because we were not down for a sequel.

Upon arriving at the campsite, Justen’s stepdad already had a fire going so we set up our camping chairs (including this beach chair that is the best we have for Madeleine lol) and swatted away mosquitos for awhile.

As a side note, Madeleine is OBSESSED with the mailman. Unfortunately two days after she discovered she could watch the mail truck drive up our driveway, our neighbor’s dog bit the postal worker and now the mail truck no longer comes to our house (do not even get me started on how annoying it is to have to drive past our neighborhood post office to a detached post office to get our mail). Justen bought her this little USPS truck on Amazon, and she is obsessed.

Madeleine went on a walk with Justen’s mom and found a few treasures – a little pinecone (which she kept calling her pie-co!) and a little flower. I love watching her 🙂

These little curls make me melt.

When we put Madeleine in the sand, she LOST HER MIND (not in a good way). She refused to be put down and was NOT excited about the sand. We changed her into her shoes and she immediately took off and did not stop until we carried her off the beach.

Madeleine slept pretty well that night. I didn’t, because I forgot to bring a pillow to put between my legs while I slept, and without that my hips hurt REAL BAD. I tossed and turned all night, but Madeleine slept like a log.

The next morning, we had breakfast and then went on a little walk around the campsite. While standing to the side of the road to let a car pass, I looked down at Madeleine and behind her on the ground I saw A FOUR LEAF CLOVER! I have never in my life found one, so it seemed like a REALLY BIG DEAL. Madeleine also found a baby pine cone (pie-co!) that she loved carrying around… and shoving in her mouth.

back in her happy place

I found this random penny washed up in the tide and brought it home convinced it might be cooler than just a 2017 penny or something. It accidentally went through the wash and still has sand stuck to it, so only time will tell.

My very photogenic child.

We got to explore the Peter Iredale shipwreck a little bit! The ship ran aground in 1906 and parts of it are still visible. Here is a pretty cool article that explains it and has pictures of what the full ship looked like. It was bananas to think about.

After the beach, we headed back home. We stopped at two new Goodwills (making a total of 3 new ones we visited for my 101 list!) and grabbed coffee (another thing for me 101 list!).

I told Justen that the next time we go, we need to stay two nights because there was so much we could have done and still have to do. Looking forward to many more adventures and beach trips with my family <3