Local Treasures // Popcorn Cove

I absolutely love my little corner of the country. It’s so green and beautiful and full of great places to discover, both inside and outside. Portland is known for being weird and having crazy things like people waiting hours for donuts and ice cream and there’s an annual naked bike ride and we have a gazillion food carts. It’s cool but weird. Anyway. That’s Portland.

I live in North Portland. Like… really north Portland. So North Portland that it’s actually Southern Washington, a city called Vancouver. Not so north that it’s Vancouver, Canada. This is America’s Vancouver. Vancouver, USA.

Vancouver, Washington // stephanieorefice.net

and we’ve got some cool stuff that I want everyone to know about.

Like freaking Popcorn Cove.

The other day Justen and I were at this Christian bookstore, and we walked out and across the parking lot we saw Popcorn Cove. Justen remembered going to a wedding where they had popcorn from Popcorn Cove so we decided to go in… because hello. Popcorn.

It was like I had died and gone to Popcorn Heaven. They have literally (that’s an exaggeration) five thousand flavors, and they let you try ALL OF THEM. I was pretty typical Stephanie Orefice and I walked out with a medium sized bag full of coconut, cotton candy + vanilla popcorn and a small bag of Almond Joy popcorn. ALMOND JOY POPCORN!

Popcorn Cove in Vancouver, WA // stephanieorefice.net Popcorn Cove in Vancouver, WA // stephanieorefice.net

I went for the sweet flavors and Justen, like a typical boy, went for the flavors like “bacon and cheddar cheese,” and “buffalo and ranch.”

What was even better was that they honored the Groupon price even though we hadn’t yet purchased the Groupon. They were so friendly and helpful. I’m sold and ready to go back and stock up on more.

Check out their flavors on their website and tell me what ones you’d love to try. Next time I think I’ll try Cherry, Birthday Cake, Pina Colada, and Caramel Cashew.

Do y’all have a popcorn store near you? Is this a popular thing that I’m late to the party with?