recent additions 4.6.15

Right now I’m in super spring cleaning mode. I’m determined to begin the transition from a closet full of sweaters to a closet full of lightweight tops and cardigans. In doing so, I’ve been going through my clothes and decided to get rid of some items, which I’m currently selling on eBay (SHAMELESS PLUG!).

But in addition to cleaning things out, over the past week I’ve accumulated some new items in my closet. These are my recent additions!


Okay… the other day Emily and I went to the Lucy store in hopes of my favorite Lucy workout shirt being on sale so I could get it in more colors than grey. It wasn’t. But on our way back, we noticed that Anthropologie’s sale was on sale, so we stopped in. I picked up a really cute white top, a lightweight, long sleeved pink top and a really sheer cream cardigan that will be perfect for summer… and it was all less than $25!

IMG_0368 IMG_0370 IMG_0371 IMG_0372



Okay when I saw this purse on Eleventh Avenue, I FREAKED OUT… and honestly I added it to my cart in 3 different colors but I decided to just be more realistic and ordered one in blush. I almost cried when I first held it, I love it that much. They’re back up for sale on Eleventh Ave so if you love it too, you’d better grab one while you can!

monogrammed clutch from eleventh ave // monogrammed clutch from eleventh ave // monogrammed clutch from eleventh ave //



One of my 101 in 1001 things is to win 5 giveaways. I recently won a giveaway from A Little Glitter and Glitterati Gilt Guide. My prize? Two beautiful, sparkly sequins hangers! They are flawless and I love them so much!
sequins hangers // sequins hangers //

I’m so excited for this weather to crank itself up, because I LOVE THE SUNSHINE, and that’s all I have to say about that.