Recent Amazon purchases March 2020

A few months ago I took Madeleine to family breakfast. Justen’s family is huge and his grandma + grandpa have a tradition of Friday breakfast with his grandma’s brother and his wife. Every so often people stop by and it becomes a bigger thing.

So back to this one family breakfast. I’m sitting across from Tasha, who is Justen’s mom’s cousin’s son’s wife (no joke on this one), and somehow we start talking about Amazon. I told her that as a new mom, I OVERWHELMINGLY understand the appeal of Amazon.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some 2-day shipping, but I never really appreciated it for the global marketplace that it is. There’s something about being pinned under a little 8-pound (and growing) human being for hours a day that really makes you appreciate how you can buy something and two days later it just appears.

I figured I’d share my recent purchases on Amazon so far into the year. We’re 3 months in, so that’s 1/4 of the year. First quarter purchases, if you will. I’ve left out the following items: household things like garbage bags, sink strainers, dish wand refills and Easter/baby gifts.

Polaroid Zip Printer Paper {link}

We recently got one of these Poloraoid Zip Printers and I LOVE IT! They print little sticker photos straight from your phone. We’ve ordered the printer paper a few times. We’ll definitely keep buying them!

Bagail 6 set packing cubes {link}

We ordered these for our trip to Nashville. I’ve always wanted packing cubes and was excited to get these! They  helped organize Madeleine’s suitcase and clothes a lot. I was disappointed that the pink in the pictures was much more subtle than in real life – it’s more of a bubblegum pink. In retrospect I wish I had just purchased the white option. I’ll still keep these and use these for awhile, though so I do recommend them!

Jesaisque Bralette {link}

Okay so let me first say this: I discovered that through Amazon Affiliates, there’s a whole section of promo codes. I have spent HOURS perusing the list of promos and going, “okay I’ll try that.” I have this one sweater that I really love and want to wear, but my bra straps show and I hate it. So I’ve been thinking I should buy some sort of nice bralette type thing. This popped up on the promo list and I figured I’d give it a try.

I’m not really a fan. I can’t pinpoint why, exactly. Maybe it’s the way it started to get fuzzy around the lace parts. Or the way it was really flimsy and offered very little in the realm of actual support. Maybe if you’ve got nothing to put in it, it might be cute. But if you are at all curvy I would stay away.

MORECON 5 piece baby headbands {link}

When I saw these on the promo list I freaked out and literally bought every single color option. My niece is 5 weeks younger than Madeleine so any duplicate colors we might have will go to her! The shipping was free but not prime so I’m waiting to finally receive them this week. I’ve purchased a very similar set from Amazon and we love them, so I’m hopeful.

// Update May 31, 2020: They never arrived.

Foldable Storage Bin {link}

Also from that freaking promo list (I’m hooked, y’all). Justen was like… what is this for? and I said, “imagine the possibilities!!” I REALLY love this and almost wished I needed fifteen of them for somewhere. For now, I use it on Madeleine’s changing table to hold her wipes/diapers/creams/lotions/etc. It’s one of my FAVORITE recent purchases. It’s kind of a paper-y material and folds down really well. It would be great for organizing a bathroom! Maybe I’ll have to do that. 🙂 ps it also comes in gray!

Pink bucket bag/purse {link}

I have this Steve Madden purse I’ve always imagined taking with me on our first trip with Madeleine. It’s a big oversized purse that could double as a diaper bag. Wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE before we left. I tried to find an affordable similar option on Amazon and got this one. I opened it up and immediately knew I’d be returning it. I hated the shape and the top of the purse wasn’t wide enough for me. We made do without that Steve Madden purse, but guess what I found in the trunk of my car after we got back? I put it there so I wouldn’t forget it 🙂 So obvious pass on this bag.

LÍLLÉbaby Complete Organi-Touch in Blushing Pink {link}

We were given a LÍLLÉbaby before Madeleine got here, and over the past few months I have loved it more and more. Ours is black and white and does the job but you know me. LÍLLÉbaby had a great sale on their site, but I missed it because I kept going back and forth. So when I saw this pop up for a great deal on Amazon, I knew I had to get it. and it’s a great thing I did because we go out all the time to all the places these days. That’s a joke, people. We have been socially isolating due to COVID-19 before social isolation really became cool. Anyway. I HIGHLY recommend this carrier! It’s so soft and comes in other beautiful not pink colors 🙂

MORECON baby support pillow {link}

Okay back to the promo list. I saw this and thought.. yeah this would be great. When I hold Madeleine sometimes my arm falls asleep and I SWEAR I have developed bruises from when she slams her head into my arm. She’s feisty 🙂 I saw this pillow and thought AHA! my problems are solved! A few days later she caught her first cold and so I did a LOT of holding her. I was so sad to see her sick and I just wanted to snuggle her and hold her while she slept. I kept thinking, “man! if only I had that pillow!” then my arm would hurt. Good news, it just came today! I’m really impressed with how much it looks like the pictures (I have low expectations) and I put it on, but Madeleine wasn’t about to be laying down. I’ve not yet been able to use it with Madeleine so I can’t speak to how well it works.

SUMMER Infant Pacifier Thermometer {link}

I frantic bought this when Madeleine got sick. Whenever she’s been inconsolable I’ve always checked her temp to make sure it’s normal. The Friday after we got back from Nashville, I put her down smiling and happy and she woke up 40 minutes later congested and snotty. It was a quick decline from there, and she was so miserable it made taking her temp with a normal thermometer really difficult. I anticipated a long few days of sickness, so I ordered this one right away. By the time it arrived, Madeleine was no the up and up and we had stopped taking her temp. It looks cool and at least we’ll have it for next time!

// Update May 31, 2020: We’ve used this about 3 times since purchasing it so far. The biggest complaint I have, which was stated in the reviews, was that if she was freaking out, this was REALLY HARD to keep in her mouth. Luckily that’s only happened once, and we were still able to get a read.

100 Ct. Clear reusable poly bags {link} /  FORNY Inventory labels {link}

I keep my Poshmark inventory at my mom’s. Two years ago I started an inventory system that re-used Walmart freezer bags. It’s been a great two years, but I’m over it. I decided to revamp my inventory system with clear poly bags (so they can be grabbed and sent immediately instead of taken out of the bag, re-folded and packaged). No more A bin, bag 20. Instead it’s 0000-0040, 0041-0070 or however many I can fit in there. I should do a whole post about it once I’ve finished revamping it… once this COVID19 business is under control. The clear bags are great quality. The stickers work great but the roll started at 1000. So the first sticker to use was 1000 instead of 0001. I basically cut them all by 100 and then rolled them up in order and that’s helped tremendously. I recommend both items!

Earth’s Best Formula {link}

We’ve purchased a lot of formula. Madeleine goes through one of the big cans every 10ish days, so we buy it a lot. 🙂

Parker Baby Girls Headbands and Bows {link}

We got the other color option as a gift for one of our showers. Recently I’ve loved the little nylon headbands as opposed to the big ones because they stay on Madeleine’s constantly moving head a lot better. These bows are super adorable and priced really well. I have all of their bows and highly recommend them!

Baby Girl Super Soft Headbands and Bows {link}

I ordered this at the same time I ordered the Parker ones. I was trapped beneath a 14 pound human who was eating really slow. I like these bows just as much as the other ones! Cute patterns and a great price.


Aimik Women’s Summer Maxi Dress {link} // Aimik Ruffle Sleeve Mini Dress {link}

You didn’t think you had seen the last of the promo items, did you? I ordered two dresses from Amazon, neither of them are here yet. I’ll report back. I really hope the white one works.

// Update May 30, 2020: Both dresses were really poor quality – the white one especially, was super thin. The maxi dress had a REALLY WEIRD fit to the shoulders. I should have taken photos. Pass on both of them!

Cat Coffee Teaspoon {link}

Every morning I use a spoon for my coffee, and if I pour a second cup I end up using a second spoon. I saw this on the promo list (y’all I am not kidding I’m so obsessed) and thought, “that is so cute.” A few days later as I was carrying a dripping spoon to the sink I thought, “I should have bought one of those cat spoons!” Well guess what. I HAD ORDERED IT. Also not here yet.

Almond Butter Protein Balls Ingredients
Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet mini chips {link} // Better Body Organic Chia Seeds {link} // Justin’s Classic Almond Butter {link}

I ordered ingredients for making these Almond Butter Protein Balls – I won’t need chia seeds for a LONG time! These are all great options for these items.

KidCo GoPod {link}
We live in a fairly small apartment. It’s not unmanageable, it’s not stressful, but it means we have to be super careful about what we buy to put in it. I was telling Justen that I wanted to get Madeleine some sort of standing activity thing, but we had no idea where we’d put it. Every conversation ended with, “but where would it go?” One day I was perusing Instagram and saw this collapsable activity station. I had some Amazon gift cards I’d been holding onto for a special occasion, and I immediately bought this. It ended up being less than $5, and we LOVE IT.

Amazon Fresh JustBright Ground Coffee {link}
With both of us staying in the apartment and Justen working from home, we have been going through a LOT of coffee and we wanted to make sure we never run out. This will be our big bag of backup coffee, I’ll let you know how it is.

// Update May 30, 2020: We absolutely LOVE this coffee for the price and size of the bag. Highly recommend if you’re a high volume coffee consumer. 

If you made it this far… congrats. and thanks. AND please let me know (WITH LINKS!) what y’all have been picking up on Amazon lately 🙂

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