September 2019 Goals

Oh. my. gosh. It’s our due date month. I mean, yeah… at literally the END of the month, but still!!

Checkin’ in on my August Goals and sharing my September Goals.

August Goals
01. Pack our hospital bag
02. Save $1000 // we saved around $600. My sales slowed down at the end of the month, but we did what we could!
03. Use our Groupons
04. Try a new coffeeshop
05. Register at the hospital
06. Book maternity photos
07. Go to the zoo
08. Finish our apartment cleaning list
09. Deep clean our cars
10. Bake cookies

Dang, 7/10! That’s better than I had realized. For September, I’m trying to keep my goals fun. Things that I really want to do, that make me happy and keep me creative and mentally active. Because if my brain is just waiting, I’ll be worrying and wondering and hours will literally go by without me having done ANYTHING.

September Goals

September Goals

01. Read a book
02. New Coffeeshop
03. Shower Thank You’s
04. Plan my Blogtober posts
05. Make a simplified cleaning list
06. Finish our nesting list
07. Print pictures
08. Get my inboxes to 0
09. Relist 100 items on my Poshmark closet
10. Set up my bullet journal