September Debt Repayment Recap

Hayyyyy. I cannot believe how fast September zoomed past. We celebrated a whole year of Madeleine! Because of COVID (and then hazardous wildfire smoke) we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to do anything, but at the last minute we had a little get together with our family.

This month was weird. We had some extra expenses due to Madeleine’s birthday (we got her a Pottery Barn chair and bought food/some decor) and buying new filters and an air purifier (because the air was toxic). Some of our recurring payments (Netflix, Tailwind, Hulu, Adobe, blog hosting, etc) are put on credit cards and then paid off but honestly this month I kind of forgot about that with the Southwest card and the collection agency merchant account working for the bank notified me immediately. 100% my fault, but at least we started going (overall) in the right direction after a month of going in the wrong one.

We’ll pay off the Disney card this month and then ALL of our money will be thrown at the Southwest card, and then after that we’ll start saving for a house.


PeaceHealth (Hospital for Madeleine’s birth/NICU) : $542.87 $0
The Vancouver Clinic (midwife etc for Madeleine’s birth) : $850 $0
Disney Card: $826.85 $406.76  {-50.8%}
Southwest Card:
  $3686.33 $4,073.13 {+10.49%} 
Stephanie’s Car:  $6548.49 $6,024.44 {-8%}

Debt total:  $11,061.67 $10,504.33 {-5.03%}

2020 Debt total payoff: $14,805.79 $10,504.33 {-29.05%}

May 2020: $14,805.79
June 2020: $13,517.49 {-8.70%}
July 2020: $10,936.04 {-19.09%}
August 2020: $11,061.67 {+1.148%}
September 2020: $10,504.33 {-5.03%}