September Goals

Ughhh. I’m slightly dreading this. Just slightly because I’m also sure I knocked off some of my August goals. Not sure, though. I realized today that I should probably WRITE MY GOALS DOWN so I can see them. Sometimes I have this internal conflict where I’m like… how old are you, 8? Get with it.

  1. List all of my Poshmark inventory I. was. so. close. 
  2. Hit $4,000 in Poshmark sales I. was. not. close. 
  3. Post 10 blog posts LOL
  4. Read 2 books I read one and started the other
  5. Redo my Whole 30 mocha post I took pictures. That’s close. 
  6. Make a list of 25 things I like about myself I started this blog post. 
  7. Try a new recipe We tried this Southwest Chicken Foil Packet and it was SO GOOD.
  8. Get rid of all but 50 pens Yes! 
  9. Get rid of all but 5 nail polishes I mean, kind of. I think I’m down to like 7 but I didn’t put my energy into actually finishing this. 
  10. Buy fresh flowers Yes! I bought a pretty bouquet from the farmers market down the street!

% Completed: 30%… Yikes, that’s a solid F.

I’m in a really extreme time of transition, so I’m trying to go easy on my goals this month. I want to finish up some of the things I started last month, and I want to be gentle with my expectations as I’m trying to find my footing.

In Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover he has an Irregular Income Budget Planning Sheet. I need one of those for time. Like an Irregular Day Time Planning Sheet. Speaking of. In the market for a new planner. I lost my Happy Planner, which I REALLY liked but I’m wondering if there’s something y’all really love before I just go replace it. Let me know.

September Goals

Anyway on to September’s Goals

  1. Have 500 available listings on Poshmark
    Here’s what I’ve learned. I cannot control how much people buy from me. I recently saw a reseller post her math that took what she wanted to earn that month ($20,000) and broke down the math to figure out how much she needed to list every day in order to get there. I should probably do this, but right now telling myself “I need to do ____ every day,” isn’t reasonable because I’m not a full-time Poshmark seller. Instead, all I can do is focus on hitting a goal that I can control, and I can control it at my own pace. 500 active listings.
  2. Read 2 books
  3. Make a list of 25 things I like about myself
  4. Buy fresh flowers
  5. Read a book of the Bible
  6. Try a new recipe
  7. Get a manicure
    This probably seems so shallow but my nails have been growing like crazy and I just need some help.
  8. Organize the pots/pans
    Every time I go to grab a pot or a pan… or a baking sheet… or a cutting board… (yeah, they’re all kept in the same place) I think, “I really need to organize this.” but then I grab what I need and don’t think about it until I’m putting dishes away and then I think “I really need to organize this,” but I keep putting dishes away.. and the cycle repeats.
  9. Make a list of what needs to get done for our wedding and finish something.
    Eye. Roll. I am so ready to be done with this wedding. Weddings are too much work and money. Anyone else?
  10. Write 5 blog posts
    It’s like one month I can nail 5, then I can’t even post 2, then I can do like 12… man. I struggle with consistency.

Any recommendations for a new Whole 30 recipe? or ways to organize our pots & pans?