swoozie’s spring wish list

Spring is awesome, because spring is one step away from summer. I have this theory that we only have two real seasons – summer and winter. We are either transitioning to the coldest moments in our earth orbit or we are transitioning to the hottest. And I’m all about summer. But last year I started to really appreciate spring. I’m going to try and appreciate it this year, too.

Ryan says (often) that we never really had a winter, but I have a lot of sweaters still hanging in my closet. I can’t wait to venture out of my house in cardigans more than sweaters.

Anyway. I’ve compiled a list of adorable items from Swoozie’s that I’d LOVE to acquire over this spring. Be careful when you visit the Swoozie’s site. You will want to buy it all.
Kate Spade - Reusable Tote - Pink

ONE // Kate Spade Reusable Tote
Ryan and I recently watched a documentary on the problem of plastic in the world – like did you realize the plastic NEVER GOES AWAY? It seriously never goes away. and we use plastic ALL THE TIME. At the store, how often do you accept a plastic bag from the checkout clerk, when you could easily carry the items out yourself? Those bags NEVER go away.  I’ve been convicted about that a lot lately, so this adorable tote is high on my list. Also… the Vancouver Farmer’s Market just re-opened and I need to fill this tote with honey sticks… except wait, aren’t those PLASTIC!? The struggle.


ban.do Back Me up Mobile Charger - Color Block

TWO // Ban.do Mobile Charger
With the weather getting better, I plan on being outside a LOT. For the most part, my phone only gets charged in my car while I’m driving so if I’m in someone else’s car, I’m screwed unless they have a car charger I can use. This pink and gold mobile charger is one of the most useful purchases I’m considering. Plus it’s cute. Like yeah, it’s useful… but the cute part is what sets it over the edge.
kate spade new york Gold Glitter Water Bottle

THREE // Kate Spade Gold Glitter Water Bottle
IT’S SO FANCY!!  I’m torn between the glitter one and this pink one. but I’ll probably get neither because I have a ton of water bottles I don’t use as it is, haha. I just need to either get rid of the other ones and replace them or just start using those and have no need for another one.
Lollia Handcreme Shea Butter/ Large  -

FOUR // Lollia Wish Handcreme
THIS SMELL IS SO GOOD. I bought a small tube of it when a boutique in Portland was going out of business. Using this hand creme is the most royal thing I do in my average, ordinary life. It makes me feel like a princess. The smell and the packaging and the feel of my hands and everything. TRUST ME on this one.
Chevron Pink Insulated Picnic Cooler
FIVE // Pink Chevron Insulated Picnic Basket
Okay maybe now I’m just getting crazy, but I just want to have a picnic. The Pacific Northwest is full of so many beautiful places, and I want to go to one of them and eat lunch. Or linner. or dinner. Linner being the brunch of the afternoon. I just made that up. And how cute is this one!


Is it a little obvious that pink and gold are my top 2 favorite colors?  🙂