The doctrine of a church.

I was invited to attend church with a girl I met in Starbucks when I was wearing my ever popular “Jesus is my BFF” shirt. Tonight while looking up directions and times, I started reading the doctrines of her church.

There were things that I disagreed with, but there are doctrines within my church that I do not completely agree with.

Does this pose a problem, this inability to completely agree with the doctrines not only of another church, but also my own?

Should we agree with every doctrine of a church, or is that impossible for some people?

As I grow in my faith and gain new wisdom and perspective on things, I find many of my own personal doctrines are still being formed and shaped, and what I believe now is different than what I believed last year. There are certain parts of doctrines that I will always believe; that the Scriptures are divinely inspired by God, for instance.. and that God exists eternally in three persons; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.. but there are other doctrines that people have debated over for years. Things like “once saved always saved” and our ability to attain holiness that I haven’t yet decided on. Perhaps this is because I was raised in two churches with slightly different doctrines.