TWOsday #1.

Two things I love. Every Tuesday. Starting today.

#1. My BGP shirt.
Oh hey, that’s just me mini-golfing in my favorite BGP shirt. I have another BGP shirt, a brown one, but I don’t love it as much. For some reason, this is my favorite shirt of all time. I love how it feels when I wear it and I love how it looks when I wear it. I love the colors and the v-neck and the everything.

But you know what absolutely sucks about my favorite BGP shirt? I spill stuff on it every single time. Once I washed the coffee and chocolate syrup stains off of it and proudly wore it the day after I took it home from the laundromat, and then promptly spilled ketchup on it. I can never win!

Today I washed my BGP shirt, which is why I am so extra excited about it. Not only do I get to wash it again, but I get to see what else I can spill and unstain from it. I hope that if I ever stain my BGP shirt in a way that is beyond repair, the BGP will supply me with a new BGP shirt free of charge, since I am so pro-BGP shirt.

Do you love my favorite BGP shirt? You can pick one up yourself at The BGP Merch Page. Or you can pick one up for me to stash on the off chance that mine gets stained and Brandon votes No on Prop 2{nd BGP shirt for Stephanie}.

#2. Fairytales

Remember how awhile ago I outed myself as someone who has decided to believe in true love? Daily I am discovering that there are many perks to being so open about this, one of them being that I can really get excited about fairytales.

When you’re a cynic, fairy tales are stupid. Who wants a Prince C. or songs or butterflies?

Well, now that my cynicism is slowly becoming a part of my past, I can say proudly: This girl. Especially if he comes in the form of McDreamy, because how attractive is Patrick Dempsey!

Mostly I just want a fairy tale for the butterflies and the songs and the dresses and I always have wished to have hair like Disney Princesses, you know kind of straight but curly at the bottom.

I’m not sold on the idea of being all princessy, though. That’s a bit much for me right now. I’ll choose to be Aurora, all normal living with 3 crazy people. JK. about the crazy people, it just kind of fit so well.

Hopefully the internet shows that I posted this on Tuesday.