TWOsday v. 3

TWOsday //

Two random things on Tuesday.



As you probably guessed from last Friday, I am absolutely falling for fall.
Yes… I did say that I was falling for fall.
I know it’s shameful and I shouldn’t show my face in public after being so open about it but WHATEVER!

Yesterday Bee (remember him? He’s sometimes smart and sometimes wise) posted THE FUNNIEST instagram, EVER. and he said I could share it here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.45.00 PM
HE IS SO FUNNY. Follow him on Instagram. Tell him I sent him and that I think he is so cool.



When I lived in California, I was a nanny for a brilliant little girl named Amelia. She was 4 and just darling. I got a letter from her last month asking if I’d be her penpal. She’s freaking 8 years old now.  Back then she was in preschool; now she’s in 3rd grade. I can’t believe it. I realized I’d never responded to her letter! So I got a little carried away and started writing letters to all the little kids in my life.

snail mail //


Aaaandd here’s the linkup, for those of you who are joining me for TWOsday!

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