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Two random things on a Tuesday.


A few weeks ago I said something to my junior church about bringing their Bibles on Sundays. One by one they started exclaiming “but Stephanie, I don’t have a Bible!” My heart broke. I want to give kids Bibles. Nice Bibles. We give them lots of nice things, so why give them nice things and then give them cheap Bibles?

Someone in my Children’s Pastors network said that they have the kids in their church earn nice Bibles. I thought… YES!!! YES YES YES!!!!! We memorized Psalm 119:105, and then I gave them each a paperback version of the New Testament and encouraged them to bring the Bibles back next week.

One girl came back the next week and straight up said “STEPHANIE. The verse you taught us ISN’T EVEN IN OUR BIBLES.” I apologized and explained that I’d already realized that and would only have memory verses from the NT from now on. Then I introduced “Let’s Earn A Bible.” That sweet girl, Miriam (who I have actually mentioned before!!) said “YOU’LL GIVE US A BIBLE? A WHOLE BIBLE? BOTH TESTAMENTS???” and my heart was overflooded with joy.

The kids all asked me to write their names on the inside of their Bibles, so I had them all come in my office so I could do that. Miriam looked at my wall, full of pictures of kids, and said “THERE ARE NO PICTURES OF ME.” So we took a picture with my Instax. I put it facedown to develop and scooted the kids out to the bus to go home. Later, by myself, I turned the picture over and almost wept.

Look at this kid:


That’s her proudly displaying her New Testament. “Let’s Earn A Bible,” as I affectionately call it, is one of the best things to happen to our kids ministry. These kids are memorizing Scripture. They’re cherishing the Word of God. They’re full of life and excitement. and I’m just here, sobbing and begging God to make me a little more like the person they think I am.


There have been some really great things I’ve seen on the internet, and I want to share them with you.

  • I’ve been listening to this hymn playlist from Letter Me Loved all the time at work. It’s so refreshing and inspiring – a great addition to music for church. Also, I got my Letter Me Loved calendar in the mail this week and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I’m torn between hanging it in my office or bedroom. I’ll take any and all votes.
  • Allie from Down Rainy Lane (who I LOVE, AND HAVE ALWAYS LOVED) recently posted this brilliant blog about how to gain readers as a new blogger. Even as a not-so-new blogger, I think everything she says is so absolutely spot-on.
  • Susannah posted Caleb’s 11 month update. I love this kid so much and I miss having him nearby. I finally was able to drive up for a short visit this weekend, and I got to see him a little bit before he went to bed. He’s the cutest.
  • I’ve already linked this before, but it’s worth sharing again. Robyn has been KILLING the debt repayment thing. Like DESTROYING IT. She talks about it in this blog post, and I’m just so excited for and inspired by her.
  • I recently stumbled upon Dusti Kemp’s blog, and I’m telling you…. I love her. She is so genuine and honest and real and we need more of her in the world.
  • You can still get $1 off of Kotex products with this coupon. Just wanted to remind you. Also, my women’s group is putting together blessings bags to keep in cars and hand out to people in need, and I was so excited that they included feminine hygiene products on their list. The Salvation Army in Portland has a female emergency shelter (SAFES) that is partnered with my specific Salvation Army location. Some of the women come to our church and I love them. Anyway. THEY NEED PADS! AND TAMPONS! When you stumble upon coupons for feminine products, use it as an opportunity to support female shelters.
  • Mattie is moving to PDX. That’s all you need to know. Mattie is moving to PDX.
  • I’m going to be a contributing writer for, which is SO COOL! I basically have no idea what I’m doing, so please just promise when I start writing posts that you’ll all go over there and like them.


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