TWOsday v16

TWOsday //

Every time it’s Tuesday, I’m like… wait… it’s Tuesday again ALREADY?? It keeps coming around so quickly!


Okay so are y’all watching The Bachelor??? Beckie came over to watch it, which was so much better than watching it by myself, just saying. We FREAKED over Olivia’s face. and then I realized that I’ve totally made that face before….

olivia from the bachelor //

But forreal… if you’re watching The Bachelor, who are you rooting for? I think Caila is adorbs (and always so sparkly!!!) and Amanda is so sweet. They’re my top two, but check back next Tuesday.


driving songs //

Yesterday morning I woke up at Camp and drove back home. The song “Brand New,” by Ben Rector came on my iTunes and I did the only thing I could think of… I rolled the windows down and blasted the song. It was kind of raining, and my hair got all messed up but it felt SO GOOD. I started thinking about how a really great song makes you feel so alive and free.. and a lot of those songs are especially great when you’re driving. I made you a little playlist. Tell me if you’ve heard of any of them OR if you’ve got some to add to the list!

Alright. You know what it is. Link up if you’ve got it.


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