TWOSday v18 + a giveaway!

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Happy TWOsday, everyone!


You guys. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… Lauren Conrad is my favorite clothing designer. I cannot get enough of Lauren Conrad’s stuff. I have this secret goal to somehow convince Lauren Conrad’s people to send me some of her clothes for free because I literally wear at least one article of clothing from her clothing line every day. If I like something, I’ll gladly be a walking advertisement for it.

So next week (what!) I’m flying to SoCal for the day to surprise my favorite little gingers at Disneyland. Because did you know I have an annual pass to Disneyland? I’m weird. OBVIOUSLY I spend a lot of time thinking about clothes, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what I should wear to Disneyland. My LC Minnie Mouse shorts seemed like a no-brainer:

Disneyland //

UNTIL. My mom came home from Kohl’s with an early Valentine’s Day gift for me (side note: did you know I love Valentine’s Day? It’s literally the most perfect day in the world.). Get ready for this, you guys.

LC Lauren Conrad Minnie Rocks the Dots Collection //

IT’S SO CUTE! Polka dots and the collar and the mouse ears! My mom said she thought I’d like to wear it to Disneyland. I’m so excited for surprising Ellen and William and Hannah, and for Disneyland, and for my new shirt. and for riding in a plane, because I love traveling.


You know how piggy banks used to be THE THING? You’d empty your change into a piggy bank, trusting that the pennies and dimes would all eventually add up to something big. I actually have been collecting my change for my 101 in 1001. I did this awhile ago and bought a FitBit with all of those coins! Last week I finally decided to figure out how to use the Ibotta app on my phone, and when I got confirmation that I’d earned $.50 for buying things I needed anyway… I realized that there are SO MANY ways that we can essentially be collecting change that we could eventually cash in.

Here are a few of the ways I’m consistently attempting to collect change:

Shopkick is an app that gives you points for scanning items at stores – sometimes they give you points just for opening the app and walking into a store! They also let you connect your debit card and give you points for dollars spent. A few months ago I redeemed my points for a $5 Starbucks card. I’ve almost reached the $5 card threshold – currently debating between a Starbucks gift card or a TJ Maxx/Marshalls gift card because #blogger. Any thoughts?

Like I said, I’ve only just figured out how to use the Ibotta app. I’m no pro, but here’s my quick summary: you search or scroll through the offers to see the rebates. You unlock the rebates, make the purchases, and then scan the barcode + upload the relevant receipt, and you get money back.

Just to show you how I’m combining things to earn pocket change: On Friday we had a sleepover at church and bought nacho supplies. Milk and Cheese offers were on Ibotta, $.25 each. My debit card earned me 1 shopkick point for every $2 spent at Safeway. I earned $.20 from Shopkick and $.50 from Ibotta. The best part? I get reimbursed for those purchases, so that trip to Safeway earned me $.70. Pocket change, yes. But we collect change for the delayed gratification of it, amiright?

I talk about Swagbucks ALL THE TIME, but seriously you guys.. one of the best ways to collect change. A Swagbuck is essentially worth a penny. Yesterday at 5 pm I’d earned $.26. If you earned $.26 every day for a year,  you’d make $94.90 in gift cards, some which are actually cash (PayPal).


But speaking of gift cards. I’ve teamed up with a few other bloggers to offer you guys the chance to win $70 at Starbucks. I’m sure that all of the other bloggers have some really great readers… but I’d personally like to see the winner announced and be like HEY I KNOW THEM! THEY READ MY BLOG! So enter away. I believe in you.

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