Velvet scrunchies and my personal brand.

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to, uh, “rebrand” my blog. You know, this little dormant corner of the internet where I used to write heartfelt stuff or track my debt repayment but this year mostly just shared pictures of my growing belly.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve stared at a blank “Add New Post” screen, bit my nails, and wondered what to put in the big white text area. Justen sent me a new WordPress Theme, asked if I liked it, and then I thought.. a new look to my blog will help me, for sure!

Once, awhile ago, I had a conversation with a branding strategist about.. well, branding. She told me that branding was more than just the colors on your blog. It’s the language, the topics, the things that make you YOU. The things that people recognize and associate with you and your (blog, business, etc).

As I was folding the laundry the other day, I realized that I’ve quietly adopted my own new set of colors – light and blush pinks, grays, white, and golds, now including rose gold.

Our living room. Our bedroom. My laundry. The things I’m pulled towards and love to wear. It’s all morphed into its own thing.

Then my mom gave me a Christmas gift early. She handed me a little bag and inside were a pack of Lauren Conrad velvet scrunchies. I took them to Justen and said, “see! they are on brand!” They reminded my mom of me because I have been subconsciously displaying my adoration of this color scheme, and we all know that I love me some Lauren Conrad.

I came home and purged my pile of things to pull my hair back, because I’d rather have one velvet blush pink scrunchie than 10 bright purple hair ties. Also what world am I living in that it’s nearly 2020 and I am talking about my new SCRUNCHIES. Here for it.

That’s when I knew: this whole personal brand idea can be really freeing. It already has been. When I’m in a store, I don’t bother with things that are bright yellow. I don’t look at green things or purple. Where I used to be tempted by a low price, I’m now aware that it’s not what really makes me happy. This morning I put on my favorite blush pink shirt I dug out of the Goodwill outlet and a pair of light pink leggings and looked down and thought, “yes, this is me.” Too much pink? Maybe. Do I care? Not at all.

We often think that the most freeing thing in the world is the ability to say yes to it all, but I think the most freeing thing in the world is the ability to say yes to anything AND no to anything. And having a list of immediate “no”s makes it one less thing to process. If any of this is making sense.

Since branding isn’t just colors (or so this girl said!), I started thinking about what I thought of this blog in the depth of my heart. What’s it about? What do I love to share? If I could consistently figure out what to talk about, what would it be?

This is it: faith. debt repayment and carefully spending money. The last part is important because for so long it was only debt repayment, and I’d feel so weird sharing the random things I’d purchased. But the two can co-exist for me, and I want to share it. Figuring out life with 3 of us in our little apartment. Non-toxic life. Things we do. Goals and attempts accomplishing them.

Will I share the occasional recipe? yes, if it turns out okay. I’m no cook and I know it. So while I shared this recipe for pumpkin spice cheerio bars, I will not be sharing this marshmallow cookie recipe for obvious reasons:

Will I share about travel hacks? maybe, because that’s something we do on occasion. will I have entire series about things to do in a bunch of cities? No, and mostly because I only go to the same two places.

For the first time (in forever… please tell me you sang that) in awhile, I’ve felt clarity and excitement about my blog. I look at it and it matches my outfit which match my new scrunchies.

I’m not a big fan of the New Year, New Me bandwagon but I’m giving myself through the holiday season to really think about and brainstorm what I can share here in 2020 now that I’ve corrected my blurry vision with a prescription that feels good.

Here’s to everything I am always learning and all the ways I can share it from here on out.